Pau To Save A Life

By Jeff Case

It’s been good last 24 hours or so for Lakers All-Star big man Pau Gasol. First, after hearing his name bandied about in trade rumors for months, he didn’t go anywhere during yesterday’s trade deadline (though the same couldn’t be said for Derek Fisher). Then, as we mentioned here last night, Gasol took to the Interwebs himself and sent out a YouTube message to his fans to recap the trade deadline and express his happiness to still be a Laker.

Yet neither of those things seemed to properly encapsulate just how happy Gasol might be about staying in L.A. When the Internet can’t make you happy, what do you do?

You sing, of course. Specifically, you sing for a charitable cause.

Gasol, an ambassador for UNICEF, performed on stage Thursday at the El Rey Theatre where he belted out his own version of The Fray’s “How to Save a Life” at a charity event.

The Orange County Register was on hand for the event — which was also attended by Tom Hanks, Don Chedale and several other Hollywood A-listers — and has a report and some great photos.

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  1. Fisnik says:

    Its so great when players are active in other fields . .

  2. Gregthomas says:

    nice pau, u already have a career after NBA hehe Godbless

  3. Galaxium11 says:

    I would imagine Pau would sound like Andrea Bocelli, but this can be expected.

  4. Ingman says:

    Really respecting Pau , not just as ball player, but as person. Good that hes still with lakers. GO LAKERS!

  5. J says:

    that’s gasol?, not bad. multifaceted athlete. More than you can say for 90% of them.

  6. sentt says:

    hes good

  7. Stephanie says:

    I am so happy right now that Gasol stays as a Laker! I never miss a game, in fact, I am always early, and must see every interview before I allow anyone in the house to have even reach for a bottle of water. (Sorry hubby, and family, I love you
    ALL for putting up with me) Everyone always asks me if I like Gasol on my kids soccer team and for awhile I would say of course and talk about how great he is. Then it got to the point that I realized, why would people just ask that question out of the blue!
    I finally connected months later to the fact that my daughter who plays soccer, wears jersey number 16! Now of course she didn’t pick that number because of Gasol or anything to do with basketball… just happened. However she will sit down and watch a basketball game anyday now, than sit down and watch soccer, UNLESS it’s Barcelona of course. She was so happy to hear that Gasolis staying. I never talk numbers with her, but I am sure she thinks about #16 and some connection with greatness.
    Great job on “how to save a life” and thank goodness the good Lord has you staying in L.A.

    You are a real Pro to battle each game for us Laker fans knowing you could be gone any day.

    Have a great rest of the season, we will be sending good energy toward your way, and may you continue to
    touch peoples lives.

    God Bless

  8. boomborooombooombooom says:

    hahaha…nice 1 pau… i thought he’s gonna dance like ricky martin!!!!!!!!LOL