Jeff Teague makes a new enemy

by Zettler Clay

Maybe “enemy” is too strong, but whatever the appropriate word ends up being, it’s safe to say that the Hawks’ Jeff Teague will get no Christmas card from Kevin Garnett. In the midst of a snail-fest in Philips Arena, there was a sudden dose of excitement of the aerial variety:

Predictably, Garnett didn’t care much for the post-dunk theatrics (which we here at All Ball thoroughly appreciate; things aren’t the same without a provoked KG).

The Big Ticket’s reply, when asked about the dunk that seemed to energize the Celtics?

“I don’t even know who you talking about. That guy’s a nobody.”

Well, then. Maybe a glimpse into the old flippant Garnett is just what this Celtics team I need.

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  1. Bill says:

    KG’s team got dunked on by a nobody then, KG. Is that better?

  2. Ryan says:

    Kevin Garnett is a hypocrite, its okay for him to trash talk and and run his mouth but when someone else does it, then its not okay. I use to like KG but when someone does that to your team and you call him a nobody, it actually makes your teammates look worse since they got dunked on by a “nobody”.
    Kevin, you need to think about a better choice of words bro, your trash talking kinda sucks now.