Shaq is not out of names

by Zettler Clay

Our favorite giant spent some time with Conan recently and the appearance, like the last time, was equal parts informative and mirthful.

Yes, The Man of a Million Names will acquire a new one soon. No, The Man of a Million Names does not have too many names.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Well it’s not complete addition. Retire Shaq. Enter Dr. O’Neal.

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  1. Cactus Jack says:

    Conan looks tired. Shaq looks like Shaqtus. Nice comments? Yep. Tunks!

  2. bigboy says:

    no we love shaq

  3. Kaiily says:

    Congratulations Shaquille. Sorry, but the SHAQ moniker will always be with you. You accepted it all these many years and should have squashed it from its inception, but you didn’t. So, now you have it. SHAQ!

    Just wanted to know if they’d catch the misspelling.

  4. daniel says:

    Dr. O Neal is hilarious

  5. Mr.GB says:

    Truly one of a kind!
    Dr, O’Neal, good luck with your study!

  6. BA says:

    Doctor J. Should get a doctorate. Shaq should be. Dr. Shaq

  7. Aurelio says:

    We haven’t called him Shaq in LA for ten years. He’s known as The Big Loaf. Now we’ll call him Dr. Sack O’Something.

  8. Mahmoud says:

    i’ll always call him shaq, never gonna say Dr. Oneal