Nelson teaches Pargo how to skate

by Zettler Clay

Even though his team was thoroughly dominated by the Hawks from start to finish Friday night, Jameer Nelson restored some value for the Amway Center patrons. Jannero Pargo came through with a game-high 17 points off the bench, but I imagine he needed some duct tape for his *talocrural joints after the game:

This hearkens memories of Russell Westbrook leaving Luke Ridnour in the dust earlier this season:

I’m gonna give Jameer the edge. He made Pargo cover more ground, plus got an extra point for his troubles. What sayeth you?

*I was an osteologist in another life.


  1. King James says:

    These ankle-breakers never let the defense look good, anyone can see that. In addition to that I would never have thought Nelson could cross somebody over like that so he gets a thumbs-up from me.

    What you have to consider though is that sometimes the defensive player falls because he slipped on a wet spot on the ground or in Ridnour’s case shown in the video above because he is being tripped by somebody. Too bad it was a no call since Anthony Tolliver tripped him who is Ridnour’s teammate in Minnesota 😀

    Russell Westbrook got a brake there for an easy score. He almost cost the Thunder the game though. He kinda tried to win the game at the end and basically wasted 3 possessions when he tried to do too much which many people criticized him for last season. The Thunder didn’t score on these possessions and Minnesota tied the game at 100. Durant then hit a jumper from the left side just inside the 3 point line and put the Thunder on top by 2 points. Beasley had a chance to tie the game but when he drove to the rim and got contact with Perkins he couldn’t put in the basket and the refs didn’t call a foul. The replay showed that Perkins went straight up but being in the restricted zone he couldn’t have complained if he had been called for a foul. The Wolves fouled Perkins who made 2 freethrows and missed the last shot losing the game 100-104 at home. They gave the Thunder a good scare though and kinda showed promise for the upcoming season.

  2. brandon says:

    dang, that is some in-depth analysis from king james!