Delonte West Reminds Gordon Hayward of 8th Grade

by Micah Hart

The NBA is a tough, physical game, and as the season winds down and playoff berths are at stake, it shouldn’t be a surprise to see tempers flare a bit from time to time. Usually that means a little pushing and shoving, maybe some jawing, or a staredown. Or, if you are Delonte West, maybe a shove to the ear:

Yeah, that just happened — and it earned Mr. West a technical, too. It’s a good thing Gordon Hayward took the high road, or things might have escalated and West might have snapped him with a wet towel.

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  1. Frangelity says:

    Basketball Immaturity.

  2. joe says:

    gordon hayward for president

  3. Patrick says:

    so lame

  4. Staci says:

    Why everyone so upset about a wet willy? Come on now, it was funny

    • NBAFan says:

      That’s not a wet willy, and believe me if I was in a tough fought game, the guy just fouled me, and then he sticks his finger in my ear and shoves my head… I WOULD have turned and knocked that punk out.

  5. SMD says:

    Ridiculous! suspend that childish fool for his despicable actions. The NBA shouldn’t allow such thugery!

  6. Chris says:

    “That is the lowest low of sportsmanship…” πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    And what would Steve Kerr (?) call Bynumy clothesline on Barea? An execution of an oponent?
    And the Malice at the Palace? Nuclear NBA war?

    • Rich says:

      Exactly ! If that’s the lowest low then I couldnt find a suitable adjective to describe the other actions made by the other players.

  7. justplayball says:


  8. eddie says:

    you guys have got to be kidding me …was anyone laughing during this incident. no, clearly not funny . if some random shoved his finger in your ear you wouldnt be “half” as patient as G.H

  9. paul MILLY says:

    Why do people keep calling this a wet willy? Makes it sound playful. That was a well-targeted jab. Should have been tossed, at least.

  10. Nada says:

    Wasn’t West the one who got caught carrying gun a while ago. He shouldn’t even get pay to play basketball and acted like a gangster

  11. juan says:

    Justin Bieber got a wet willy lol

  12. Rich says:

    Alhough I don’t agree with what West did, Hayward was only talking toughy now just because West is no longer in front of him. He’s as soft as a tissue roll. There are tons of things he can do without getting a ‘T’ and show disapproval to West right there and then. Hayward – Coward !

    • viNce says:

      Dude… I bet you would do the same thing and badmouth West at his back if you were jabbed… The Nba is professional basketball and must be played with sportsmanship and right conduct… It ain’t no playground showcase… Though it’s fun seeing them at times…

  13. Rob says:

    Once again, Delonte West proves why he should not be a part of the NBA. He “forgot” that basketball was a gentleman’s game? Please! playing in the NBA is a privilege and should not be wasted on head-cases like West!

  14. 4dawyn says:

    Delonte West should be suspended or fined what he did is not tolerable in pro basketball. Its really funny that he wasnt thrown out of the game and just got a technical. And to delonte west how bout you try doing that to someone like Metta World Peace we will see what will happen to your face…

  15. Aaron says:

    hey you did, see that as Delonte did that he said, “P##sy, white boy” right? David Stern should suspend him for that! Maybe Hayward didn’t hear it or he chose to ignore it, but watch the video it is very clear. Does that mean racism against whites is ok in the NBA?

    • Rich says:

      Incredible ! The finger poking is bad enough. Putting words in his mouth is totally unecessary. 13 people on the court didn’t see or hear it and you from the comfort of your home saw and heard that ?!

    • BFOULDS says:

      I saw it too. This is unacceptable behavior from a professional athlete. He needs to be severly punished for this. Inexcusible.

  16. Delonte Thug says:

    Delonte West should be put to Anger Management!!

  17. Herr says:

    Yawn. Oh excuse me. I thought this would actually be something interesting.

    Yeah, Delonte is a punk, but you forget and move on. You got games to win if you’re Utah and want in the playoffs. The last thing you should be looking at is past games. Yes it’s gross, but it’s these kinds of things that make playoff basketball more intense. No one wants to watch Miami vs Indiana where there is nothing between the teams. They much rather see the Heat vs Knicks, because you know these guys will get into it. Both teams brag like they’ve won championships. These are what make games great and NONE of you can deny that. Whenever I see a brawl I cheer “USE THE CHAIR!” because I love seeing those things. Competition and rivalry fuels great gameplay.

    Other than that, does Gordon Hayward really think he can fight Delonte West? I like Hayward a lot more than Delonte, but seriously, Gordon Hayward probably thinks about 8th grade when he looks in a mirror. That guy looks young enough to be my brothers son, and my brother is only 30.

  18. BG says:

    Ijust wonderd were GH Teamates have been ? Hey if West would have done that to someone on my Team we would have discussed that…Back in da days… imagine he would have done that to John Starks ;-))
    He should be suspended for at least 5 Games.

  19. Rich says:

    West is a hot-head, tehre’s really no excuse for that. On the othe hand, there should be penalties too to players who keep on flopping – that’s also not good for basketball.

  20. Bryown says:

    I’m starting to think Gordon Hayward is a dirty player if not a flagrant flopper/back jabber. He seems to be getting some odd reactions from opposing players. Like that intentional elbow from Arron Afflalo & this incident. Sure, West’s behavior was way out of line but I think there is more to this than just 1 foul and a loss of cool.

  21. JBF says:

    What I saw was West giving Gordon ‘a finger’. Read it anyway you want – it was NOT what I want to see at an NBA game and I hope West is suspended and/or gets a big fine. And I would like to see the refs fined for not tossing West from the game!!

    • Rowan Mason says:

      Stop! stop! stop it, hater it only a game. We watch hockey player bleed, we watch pitcher throw fast balls at player, we watch player come out of the dug out to take part in the action, we watch two guys punch and kick each other and we cheer for it all. But we want to hold court on football player with all the safety equipment on and BB players. Stop the hating my brothers..something that most of you will not admit too! please stop the selected cheering its only basketball and those big guys do get upset like the rest of the other sports…….we want our player to be tough but we want to choose which sport can be a thug to which they R. Then after disliking the play which is your right but the race card before I dislike the action! Why? Can we just get along without the race card, I no longer hold mines, what about you! You choose….

  22. bas wiertz says:

    what a child

  23. Zak says:

    I hate this, because this has to be a suspension. If it isn’t more people will do things like this, and eventually someone with a worse temperament will turn around and give the guy a broken nose worse. I wouldn’t mind this, but then they will be the ones getting suspended, despite being aggravated, and I know what this feels like.

  24. jazzone says:

    Delonte West seems like a little boy, nice to see a player like Hayward leave it alone …because his team is trying to sneak into the playoffs and he is playing great … Hayward said after the game that of course he wants to fight him but he didn’t because he would get suspended and his team needs him to play. As a lifetime fan of the NBA’s most physical team, I am confident that West will be hitting the deck very hard one of these games, hopefully the jazz get that chance in the playoffs.