LeBron James Introduces Norris Cole To Jay-Z

by Micah Hart

Many fans around the world see LeBron James as a super-villain, but you rarely hear his teammates say anything bad about him. I’m guessing it’s because he does things like introduce them to Jay-Z after games:

Somehow I doubt you’ll hear Norris Cole disparage King James any time in the near future.

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  1. lakermig says:

    i love kobe and will always think that he is the best …but how can you not like lebron ?!

    • nickjim says:

      I agree, everyone has their favorite player, but i don’t think they should hate on other players who deserve credit just because of that. How good Kobe is one thing, how good lebron is, is another thing. I really hate it when haters keep on dissing lebrons “choking tendencies”, as he has came up clutch many many times, and at the same time kobe has fallen short many times too. I think there are way too many stupid comments and sayings that prevent us from really appreciating basketballl

    • Guest says:

      Easy, he’s narcissistic, self-important, and refers to himself in the third person. He tries so hard to be popular that it backfires against him and comes across as phony. He seems like a nice enough guy, but obviously thinks a lot of himself… and isn’t aware of that fact. I like Kobe even though he seems like kind of a jerk at times, because he honestly doesn’t care what people think about him, and his number one focus is winning. He hates losing more than he likes winning. The opposite can be said of LeBron. He just seems a bit immature, which makes sense since he’s never really had to grow up. He’s been told how special he is since he was young, didn’t have to go to college or ever know what it means to scrap by and be responsible for your own life (at least he hasn’t had to do so not making millions of dollars for playing a game). He is a product of how he was nurtured. If people put you on a pedestal and say that you are an exception to the rules most people have to follow, you’ll start believing them.

  2. KingJames3rdMVP says:

    well said,, im not a kobe fan but i dont hate him either,,i like his game, the way he moves and the way he shoots,, i dont know why they hate LeBron so much,, is it that he overpower their most favorite player???or just they are those who pulls him down because of desperation…what a crap, media too find a must read articles not just throwing bad comments and images to James…btw, im a LeBron fan ^^

    • KingJames3rdMVP says:

      Congratz ‘the KING’ on your this MVP this season,, hope you get the ring this time,, and more hopes on getting rings from now on…thumbs up to you and your games!!!

  3. OriginalHeatFan says:

    Yo Yo Yo “guest”….dawg. if you knew anything about LeBrons life and early childhood you would not say he had it easy. He had no father, and had to move like 11 times from school to school. Kobe on the other hand had a father who played ball and had an easy childhood. LeBron may seem childish at times but thats his way to combat haters and negativity. Kobe on the other hand is not just “kind of a jerk” whatever that means Kobe is a jerk. Kobe is a selfish guy and all he cares about is winning. he doesnt care about fans teammates coaches anything all he wants is to catch Jordan which will not happen. Kobe will never ever compare to jordan. Kobe is also a product of how he was nurtured. hes a chin up im better then all of you type of guy. What does not make sense to me is HOW YOU PEOPLE LIKE KOBE. his game is good, as a person he is not. You people hate lebron why? lebron is a better basketball player, and he is a better person.