It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye, Says Brad Miller

by Micah Hart

With the conclusion of the NBA’s regular season, it means the end of the road for many basketball players. Some will lose their spots to rookies, some will take deals in Europe that might provide more money or stability, and for a few lucky ones, they will go out on their own terms after long and productive careers. Brad Miller is one of those players. Miller has said he will retire after the season, which meant when he checked out of the Timberwolves game against the Nuggets tonight with 5:04 left in the fourth quarter, he was checking out for good. At least he got one last three-pointer to drop before the final curtain:

I can only imagine the emotion of a moment like that, when you are forced to give up the one thing that has been a constant in your life since you were a small child. It’s no wonder we see so many athletes get choked up in these environs.

Congrats on a wonderful career Brad, and congrats as well to other NBA veterans who have likely played their last games, including Ben Wallace, who has said he will call it quits, and perhaps others like Grant Hill, Jason Kidd, or Kurt Thomas, who might choose the same when all is said and done. I’d include Juwan Howard as well, but he appears to be shooting for Jamie Moyer territory at this point.

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  1. dattebayo says:

    The Pacers are really not covered by any media. Jeff Foster also retired this season due to back injuries. He played for the Pacer organization for 13 seasons, yet he is not mentioned…

    • Curran says:

      Jeff Foster retired from injuries about a month or two ago. And they DID cover the story. There were plenty of articles on the front page of He received more attention from his retirement than everyone in this article other than Brad Miller. So stop complaining about your pacers not getting attention when it’s not true.

  2. Victor Manoel says:

    Hey man, I didn’t know Foster retired this season. But Miller was shown here because of his emotional reaction. I think Jeff Foster didn’t play more than 5 games this season, did he?

  3. brisco says:

    cause he weak as hell

  4. Rasheed says:

    Much Respect for BRAD Miller coming from a bulls fan!

  5. Just a Fan says:

    Just sad man, just sad πŸ˜₯
    It’s tough to not be able to keep up ’cause your legs don’t let you….
    Brad you had a fine career, meaningful, and most of the guys of my generation will remember your All Star years.

    Greetings from Portugal

  6. Sash says:

    Well done Brad… You had hell of a career especially with the Kings, will always will remain a KING…

  7. CORVINUS says:

    you had a wonderful career man… you are one of the elites also!!!!! farewell buddy!!!

  8. PHX PHL says:

    His shooting touch is also something to be marveled at. πŸ˜€

  9. Joao Paulo says:

    Much respect for Brad and all the other nba players retiring this season. Basketball is a gift and makes our lives so much more meaningful. I hope he continues to contribute to basketball world in some way.

    • roger says:

      Brad, All the best for your future man.
      You had a wonderful career. I am sure NBA gonna miss you.

    • Rasikkrisna says:

      I guess big business wants to put erovyene in America out of work. Considering that the workers overseas earn very small wages, my question is: If jobs keep leaving this country, who will be able to purchase their products?

  10. kyndyman10 says:

    I remember Brad as one of the better centers in his A days and as an Elite all star with a great shooting touch and a center that was 3 point threat at any given time. I those days when most of the players gave their all like Brad and wish him the best of luck. Great watching you play Brad Miller.

  11. MyBloodIsSilverAndBlack says:

    Brad Miller = most underrated center of the past decade. Much respect for his work with the Pacers.

  12. Marc Lazo says:

    you have our thanks and respect for playing basketball brad, you’ve been an inspiration!

  13. Cesar Alcantara says:

    i remember when he was with the sacramento kings…. its nice to see him retire under coach adelman. much respect to brad miller

  14. Marco Polo says:

    we miss you, Brad Miller. you was really strong and very nice shoot

  15. Troy says:

    I loved watching you play Brad on my 2 favorite teams the Bulls and Kings! πŸ™‚

    Even the pouty Brad! πŸ˜‰

    Your shooting touch was nice to watch as well as your giddy up to the basket that was unstoppable! πŸ™‚

  16. Nick Plummer says:

    I already miss him. I especially remember him with the kings. he was a truly phenominal center.

  17. miller says:

    who said men dont cry !!

  18. Dan from Philippines says:

    Great Exit Brad, u’re still the 1 of the few 7 footers who can shoot a rainbow! good luck

  19. Mo Syed says:

    Is Jeff Foster the towel guy or something?

    Good Job Brad Miller.

  20. Doncha says:

    i ll never forget what he did at Sacramento..greetings for BRAD..

  21. uoykcuf says:

    I remembered shaq swinging(missed) at miller just like yesterday. Miller had an wonderful career and I hope he’ll enjoy his retirement.

  22. Andre says:

    I just realized… He has been with Adelman most of his career. Kings, Rockets and now Twolves.

  23. B Miller says:

    Top 10 center ever!

  24. sac says:

    Brad, you will always be remembered here in Sac! Good luck in all you do.

  25. allaroundballer says:

    I play bball since school, not a pro. And I’ll cry too if I’ve to stop at his age. You’ve done great Miller

  26. #1KingsFAN says:

    Love you brad much respect.. once a king always a king!!

  27. Mike says:

    My deepest respects to Brad Miller, Jeff Foster, Ben Wallace and the others. I remember very clearly their careers. I’ve stayed with them since their rookie days. I wish you guys the best!

  28. Phamie says:

    Definitely GRANT HILL will not retire at this point. He’ll be back in Phoenix jersey next season together with Steve Nash.

  29. Phamie says:

    Brad should have room for the HALL of FAME. He deserve a shot there coz his a good player with much respect to him.

  30. sioux says:

    hey brad! im a fan……i saw ur playin days in sacramento..good luck!