Glen Davis Gets A Little Extra Workout In During Game 3

by Micah Hart

With Dwight Howard on the shelf, the Magic have a lot riding on the broad shoulders of Glen “Big Baby” Davis. So far in the Magic-Pacers series he’s been up to the task, averaging 17 points and 11.5 rebounds in the first two games. He’s continuing to show his hustle tonight in Game 3, as evidenced by this nifty play midway through the second quarter:

Who says the playoffs have to be all business?

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  1. bostonlou says:

    still immature … not surprised

    lets show the plays after big baby was dancing… to say he was winded would be an understatement

    • Matt Terry says:

      Get off it already!! BBD is not immature and as far as being ‘winded’, he hasn’t had one player who could come in and fill in for him while he rests.

      He’s been the best player we’ve had in the playoffs. You should be thanking him for giving his complete energy and outstanding play, unlike the rest of the Magic.

      • pf35 says:

        word. Baby Davis and Ryan Anderson are the only people playing in the frontcourt for the magic. And Davis was winded because he out-hustled a center who was about a half a foot taller than him. Like to see you go out and try that Bostonlou

  2. Matt Terry says:

    Hopefully tomorrow Ryan will reach down inside and pull out his magic hands.

  3. dattebayo says:

    Let’s get the facts straight please:

    The immature player on that Team is Dwight Howard. He is always joking, kidding and smiling and in addition to that he brought every drama possible to the Magic this season.

    It was a tough fadeaway and he got the bounce and it dropped. There is no reason to not show your positive emotions to get the fans and teammates going when you are down and having a lot of problems generating offense.

    Yes, he isn’t as athletic as Dwight Howard or certain other players in the league, but that little motion can in no way exhaust a player of his caliber. If that exhausted him there is no way that he would have been able to run up and down the court either.

    I don’t think he has the abilities, skills and talent to be a starter in this league, but 7-2 Roy Hibbert couldn’t score against Davis in Game 1and 2 and Big Baby is rebounding well and hitting his 18-footers. Don’t hate on him, he is letting it all out there…