A Look Back: Best Horry Scale Moments From 2011-12

by Micah Hart

This was pretty fun — joined the GameTime pregame show before Wednesday night’s games to break down the season’s best Horry Scale moments, with the scale’s patron saint himself there to critique my grades:

The prevailing thought amongst Robert Horry, Kevin Martin, and Dennis Scott was that I judged too harshly this season, which is amusing because most emails I received from the fans seemed to suggest I was too lenient. Guess you can’t please everyone!

Here is my final ranking of this year’s six Horry Scale recipients – how would you rank them?

6. Derrick Rose beats Milwaukee — This low because I hate seeing a PG of his caliber settle for a long jumper.
5. Luke Ridnour beats Utah — Difficult floater, but no resistance from the Jazz defense.
4. LaMarcus Aldridge beats Dallas — Aldridge sure does make this look easy.
3. Luol Deng beats Toronto — Only tip-in of the season, Bulls trailed by 1.
2. Kevin Love beats L.A. Clippers — Perhaps in hindsight should have graded higher, especially coming in in the city where he played his college ball.
1. Kevin Durant beats Dallas — Set the bar high the first week of the season and was never topped. The ball barely touches the net from almost 30 feet!

Agree? Disagree? Let us know in the comments.

UPDATE: A reminder folks, the shot has to beat the buzzer to be considered. As great as Jeremy Lin’s shot to beat the Raptors was, there were still tenths of a second left on the clock. Doesn’t qualify. A man’s gotta have a code…

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  1. Alex says:

    are you kidding me!? that’s disrespect to the most talented scorer in the NBA! Where is melos 2 shots on the bulls!?!?

    • Vinsanity15_25 says:

      did u hear what the guy said? it has to be a case of there is NO TIME left after the shot goes in, the buzzer is sounding while the shot is in the air! there was 11 seconds left on the clock after ‘melo made both his threes.

    • OLLIE says:

      Because neither of those were buzzer beaters… Is it seriously that hard to listen?

  2. Charlie Mayville says:

    How many Horrys would Tyreke Evans’ buzzer beater have gotten?
    I can’t think of a better shot in the last 5 years than that one!

  3. Benjamin says:

    Dwyane Wade’s buzzer beater against the Pacers should have been #1

    • Vinsanity15_25 says:

      first of all, no it wasn’t harder than KD’s. secondly, there was .2 secs left after he knocked it down(even though there should’ve been .6) and you only get Horrys if there’s no time left after u knock it down.

  4. ballerrellab says:

    the one that Damen Bell Holter made for Oral Roberts University should have been on the list

  5. Kevin Ochoa says:

    3point shots are more difficult than putbacks and short jumpers.. consider the percentages and the matchups not just rating a play by intensity and playoff spot or significance..

  6. moe wedeck says:

    KD should of been a 5

  7. Ethan says:

    Alex you realize that those werent buzzer beaters right?

    • Alex says:

      Naah bruh!haha its cuz i didnteven watch the video cuz im at school so i just saw the players in order and never read anything about “BUZZER BEATERS” but i guess if it thats what its about..they gotta make top five game winners and my boy melo will be #1!!

  8. Vinsanity15_25 says:

    NO ONE CARES IF YOU WANT 2 C HIM GO 2 THE RIM!!!! The degree of difficulty on D-Rose’s shot was HIGH!!! THIS is how the list should’ve gone: 5. Aldridge(2 Horrys), 4. Love(2 Horrys), 3. Deng(3 Horrys), 2. Rose(4 Horrys), 1. Durant(5 Horrys). actual NBA analyst should pick the best.

  9. laba says:

    your argument on number 6 is fallacious just because he can attack the rim does make his long jump short less important

  10. Matt says:

    You gotta give D-Rose more credit than that – of all these buzzer beaters, he did the most work to get himself the open look. That step back was devastating.

  11. Tahir says:

    Haha, I’d like to see this guy take shots like that. I thought Deng’s tip in was amazing. It deserved a 4 at least, and KD’s deserved a 5.

  12. Kenny Mac says:

    Derrick Rose broke someone’s ankles and dropped a 3 for the win. And you’re punishing him because he’s a pg who can get to the rim??? He should get credit for hitting a game winning 3 if he’s not known for shooting 3s. Bad logic

  13. Critique? says:

    Look at Horry being over-critical with these buzzers. The driving in, the tip-back, the fallaway jump-shot… It’s really quite humorous considering Horry mirrored most of his clutch moments with catch-and-shoot 3 pointers ala Steve Kerr.. Most of them, including his most famous one with the Lakers – wide open. How fortunate..

    Ball-in-hand, Horry’s got nothing to critique the difficulty & variables involved. Maybe they should rename this the “Miller Scale”. He’d be far less arrogant. MJ, Miller, Kobe, West, Bird, etc. and Fisher at this point have been just as clutch, more-so, and under a variety of circumstances. Horry can’t critique a pop-up lay up considering he’s never done it ball-in-hand.

  14. OConnor555 says:

    What?!?! I know I am a tad bias, being a nuggets fan, however Danilo Gallinari’s fade away buzzer beater, with a hand in his face against the Atlanta Hawks deserves a place on this list. In my opinion it should be right up there with Durant’s. I realize that in a MVP worthy season his big plays will be elevated to the top of the lists but the fact Gallinari’s is not even on this list is, quite frankly, an OUTRAGE

  15. Ricky123 says:

    Jeremy Lin against the Raptors? The shot was just a simple 3 pointer, but if you think about the context – this was at the height of Linsanity, the kid knew that a billion people were watching, a lot of whom were dying to see him fail and fall back to earth… and he just cooly sank the shot? That was quite a moment. Deserves a place in your listing.

    • BobbyJoe says:

      Did you read the update?

      UPDATE: A reminder folks, the shot has to beat the buzzer to be considered. As great as Jeremy Lin’s shot to beat the Raptors was, there were still tenths of a second left on the clock. Doesn’t qualify. A man’s gotta have a code…

  16. Datalkofny says:

    Robert Horry was a BIG TIME CLUTCH shooter in the playoffs and especially in the finals but he only has 1 game winner with no time left in his career. why does the horry scale require it to be no time left is beyond me. I think the horry scale should consist of a clutch shot with less than a 30 seconds remaining because they was no one more clutch at that than robert horry

  17. Datalkofny says:

    the best clutch shot of the regular season goes to…………..JEREMY LIN IN TORONTO……..tied game with the away crowd behind. Everyone knew and wanted him to shoot it and he delivered. plus his celebration was awesome. a few bunny hops and a head nod as to say its nothing. lol

  18. TheKing6 says:

    How come everyone forgot about JLin’ gamewinner?

  19. cristian says:

    Wades winning shot vs pacers! That one is a must!!!!

  20. Jim Krill says:

    Pretty sure Kevin Love’s hometown is in Oregon. ??? Sure, he played ball at UCLA, but that’s not his “hometown”… right?

    • Jim Krill says:

      LaMarcus on the other hand, did make the game winner in his hometown of Dallas. Get it right, man!

  21. Bob says:

    Then technically Horry’s shot in game 5 doesn’t count.

  22. Flix says:

    man this guy don’t have a clue!

  23. Eric says:

    I’m not a Knicks fan, but Jeremy Lin’s shot to win the game vs. Toronto was the HEIGHT of Linsanity.

  24. JD says:

    Linsanity vs raptors???

  25. Frank Black says:

    I think this is a good scoring system. Kevin Durant is beast with that 3 pointer. Personally I only would have scored that a 4 though. D. Rose should also be higher up that scale.

  26. storm says:

    anyone that question Robert Horry should TRY to go NBA and make big shots, the opening clips are AMAZING…

  27. wang says:

    how is linsanity not number 1???

    • ... says:

      why is it that nobody gets the fact that this only judges BUZZER BEATERS?
      if there is seconds left on the clock after the shot, it doesn’t count towards the ratings.
      This includes Lin’s, Gallo’s, Wade’s, Melo’s, etc…

    • Mike says:

      How stupid are you people? No one is forgetting Lin’s shot, it wasn’t a buzzer beater. So why the hell would it be one the list?

    • klmack says:

      It wasn’t a game buzzer beater. Time was still left on the clock. DUH.

  28. Celticsrck says:

    god….only buzzer beaters are rated.Lins winner was nice but 0.06 seconds on the clock

  29. ISLAMZ says:

    Wade’s game-winner on pacers?

  30. John De Vera says:

    KD is no. 1

  31. lone says:

    Where is melo’s 3 pointer shot in the last NY-CHI game?

  32. Emanuell says:

    Paul Pierce = Mr. Clutch !!!

  33. durantula says:

    no doubt KD’s buzzer beater is more than just 4, it’s a message, a strong signal of desire to win and a clear statement he is the best right now… i can’t believe he didn’t won mvp awards, it’s mad….

  34. Jadaï says:

    1st : Aldridge (he’s a big man who gets the ball with 3 seconds to go, his back to the basket at the 3 point line !)
    2nd : Ridnour (I just love it when non-franchise players step up, and the consistent Ridnour dis just so)
    3rd : Deng (he’s the only one trailing)
    4th : Durant
    5th : Love

    I love Rose, but he had plenty of time to create something better, though his step back is just devastating…

  35. Dale says:

    David lee .1 second buzzer beater ally pop

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