Matt Bonner Hair Cut Leads To Ridiculous Suspension, Playoff Tickets

by Micah Hart

You don’t see this every day:

That would be a young man’s hair, cut to resemble Spurs forward Matt Bonner, currently the NBA’s most talented red-head (sorry Scalabrine!).

The recipient of this haircut, a Texas middle-schooler named Patrick Gonzalez, caused quite a stir this week when he had Bonner’s mug carved into his scalp. Woodlake Hills, the fuddy-duddy school he goes to, decided this was a big no-no and suspended Gonzalez for a day due to the “distraction” the haircut caused. Not a lot going on at Woodlake Hills, eh?

The story has a happy ending, however. Though Gonzalez did indeed shave his ‘do, the Spurs gave him and his family tickets to Thursday night’s Game 2, a game in which Bonner scored only two points (perhaps he was distracted by Gonzalez’s shiny head?).

Jilted tween? Or brilliant ticket-getting maneuver? You be the judge.

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  1. @kareemjelani says:

    Blake GriffiN and Chase Budinger wont like this comment “Spurs forward Matt Bonner, currently the NBA’s most talented red-head (sorry Scalabrine!).”

  2. Krasnognom says:

    Respect for the kid for even admitting that Bonner is his favourite.

  3. Ted says:

    Kudos to the barber who made that but to the boy, Why Matt Bonner when there’s Brian Scalabrine?!

  4. Give him a break? says:

    Those in charge of giving him a suspention should be fired! That is the most awful reason to punish a kid over. If i was the kids parents I would be fighting with the school over this. Ive seen many different type of haircuts when i went to school, none of them got suspended for a “distraction”. Im glad he got rewarded from the spurs! This reminds me when a kid got in trouble for a “fart”. Those parents made alot of money off sueing. Retarded teachers that think these things are distracting the students when their the ones getting distracted from whats important.

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  6. Sick says:

    nice hair!