Kyrie Irving Is ‘Uncle Drew’

by Micah Hart

Kyrie Irving is the reigning top pick in the NBA Draft and Rookie of the Year. Clearly he is a talented fellow, and it appears those talents are not limited to the hardcourt. Check out this video he wrote and directed for Pepsi Max, in which he takes a star turn as “Uncle Drew”:

It’s kind of hard to tell how much the people in the crowd know what’s going on. On the one hand their reactions look genuine, but on the other hand that’s something that can easily be put together in editing. If I saw a (roughly) sextagenarian start breaking ankles and generally looking like he’s auditioning for the next And-1 Mixtape Tour, I might get a little skeptical*. It’s pretty cool no matter what, but certainly Irving deserves major props if he really had everyone fooled.

*We had an old guy on our team in a rec league I used to play in, and I can PROMISE you it did not go this well.

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  1. Baller says:

    I haven’t seen him play much. Though his field goal percentages are indeed a looker I will always wonder if he would have won ROY even if Rubio had stayed healthy and the Wolves had reached the Playoffs…

    I was astounded the voting was so much in favor of Irving, Kenneth Faried impressed me by outworking Nené and getting into the starting lineup for the Nuggets…

  2. TheLetterL says:

    It took me a minute but I realized it was him. But he shouldn’t be letting people know that he smokes. “You’re turnt up ain’t you? I can smell it.” That sounds like something that somebody who smokes would say. Not someone unfamiliar with the practice.

    • matt and renee says:

      people learn a lot from listening to music these days and young people and people in general will soak up things from the people they hang around just the local “hood” speak. just because he knows how to turn a phrase does not make him guilty of the act.

  3. Josh says:

    I never thought Kyrie would tear up the league this early, especially after playing only a few games in Duke. The jury’s still out on him, though. For now, here’s a little writeup from my website: