Allen Iverson Delivers Game Ball Before Game 6

by Micah Hart

With the Sixers a game away from elimination in their series against the Celtics, the franchise decided they could use a little inspiration. With that in mind, the team brought back Allen Iverson to deliver the game ball before tonight’s Game 6. Consider the crowd inspired:

Very few people receive near-unanimous approval in Philadelphia, but if ever an athlete fit the bill its AI — maybe Rocky. Whether his appearance propels the team to victory, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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  1. Mr. Harrison says:

    It was great to see him come to Philadelphia

  2. glenn says:

    Please let the man play again. I know he would be great. Everyone deserves a second chance. Come on let him play.

    • Suhinho says:

      Gave him plenty chances dude.. in detroit, philly and in memphis… itll be his 4th chance by now..

      • Big Sani says:

        AI inovated the PG position i wanna see him come back and do his thing all over again in philly where he was at his bestt # NO Need for pr(A)ct(I)ce SHUT UP

      • g8 says:

        Actually 5th chance…you forgot he played for the Nuggets too!

      • chubbena says:

        As much as I like Iverson, don’t ever let him play no more lest he quits again for family reasons and permanently loses my respect.

  3. ai come back to the nba!! says:

    iverson defines the word “baller”
    i miss watching him play man i wish he could come ball up again there wasnt noone like him he could break anyones ankles..

  4. Luke says:

    Far out man I love AI. I’m a C’s fan but AI’s the man.

  5. saad says:

    A.I needs to come back to the NBA !

  6. mark ocampo says:

    welcome back A.I…

  7. Kevin Durant says:

    I am from OKc thunder,i m the 2nd runner up in MVP race.I will be the best player in 20 years.Allen iverson should go to lakers or heat

    • Pierre says:

      same thing i was thinking heat for sure now that K.D said wut he said but lakers they could use somthing like that but the heat really need a allen iverson though real talk

  8. Manuel says:

    It breaks my heart to see iverson go out like that. Aside from his attitude problems, to see how he gave somuch of himself to the league, to philadelphia, and even to denver. And to see how humble hes become and mature, and how much he reallly wants to play and go out on a good note. And to see how much the fans still love him and want him back (the last year he played, he barely played, wasnt on the all star list yet the fans still voted for him). Yet, to see how no team wants him, and how hurt he is by that, its just terrible, man. A guy like that shouldnt be treated in that way. They should show him the respect he deserves and at least give him one last shot and allow him to leave on a high note. I beleive he deserves at least that much. If i knew how to get petitions going i would make one to bring him back. He deserves a chance, and the fact that he doesnt makes me sad as a fan,

  9. AI3 one of the best PG in NBA! says:

    I miss him! AI3, the player that brought the point-guard position in a whole new level in NBA.

  10. Borj Bonus says:

    Yeah! A.I is back! But this time, he is an audience. Wish that he will able to play again in the NBA. I think he can still compete, Mabuhay!

    • Slim says:

      The NBA need to really let Iverson have a chance to fulfill his dreams on the court and allow him to play for any team, I just want him to have a title because he deserve it

  11. Monra says:

    One of the most talented basketball players in history… simple raw talent

  12. Patrick says:

    I love this part nice to see the Answer again!

  13. Mr_Beautiful says:

    this is my man! AI is the best and forever my idol!

  14. great feeling to see him AI is one of my idol in the NBA. hop to see him play next season

  15. cris says:

    Send A.I to the bulls then kick boozer out

    • Miguel Melo says:

      You are not from the bulls are ya? Onde dud replacing another one? tsssccc… Don’t get me wrong. I really loved watching AI play. HE and Michael Jordan were the only two players that i really went out of my way to watch, BUT… he had chances and he showed that he just can’t play at a high level anymore. But still LOVE the guy!!!

  16. USA MGL says:

    No need a PRACTICE. SUIT # 3. Inspiring, Happy to see him here with Philadelphia’s WIN.

  17. patri says:

    Iverson would be affordable pick and worth taking a shot for quick rotation at rebuilding Bobcats ? The man was wearing number 23 for goodluck charm. I think that poster was mean. I am sure he went to practice after that. lol

    • aum beags says:

      naw he wore 23 cuz he basically drafted lou will out of high school and thats his youg bul….

  18. skay says:

    He didn’t give props to any of the white guys on philli lmao

  19. A.I is amazing says:

    just let him have second chance ten day contrarct and see how he plays plzzzz he is amazing

  20. the question says:

    ai is still my favorite baller of all time…the answer 3 forever!

    come back ai, and let’s win this future HOF a ring!!!

  21. billcollector1999 says:

    hopefully he’ll be back in the NBA next year

  22. Marcus says:

    My childhood inspiration and hero. Philly fan for life

  23. sLOVEnia says:

    From sLOVEnia with love… Believe me, He has fans all over the world… He made me start playing and watching basketball… Becouse of him I did and still do stay up from 2am to 5am to watch Philly in playoffs… He IS one of THE GREATEST… Show him respect and let him play, he can teach young players a lot. As Chuck said, NBA needs more experienced players to teach young guys.. The Answer all the way…

  24. mr.ed says:

    even as a laker fan, it was great to see A.I. again, even if it were only for 2 minutes.

    i still feel he’s got something left in the tank.

  25. Deebray says:

    Miss him, give him one more chance

  26. HEAT FAN says:

    A I , go to southbeach!

  27. Juan says:

    How many players can say they revolutionized the position they played in the NBA? Regardless of how good a PG is in the NBA they settle dont match up to AI in his prime.

  28. Shamir says:

    Allen Iverson is among one of the best players of all time. The man still have skills and can run up and down court with no pressure age is not the problem because if Jordan came back for one more season and play for the Washington Wizards. Allen Iverson who is in his mid 30’s sure can play a lot more games and make a big different on the court. By looking at today’s player/Point Guards a lot of them grew up watching AI play and AI left somethings behind in the NBA known as the arm sleeve, the AI crossover and just plain swaggg lol. Well NBA enough said I hope David Stern read this comment and realize a lot of fans are still waiting and hoping to see Allen Iverson on the NBA courts again.

    • Slim says:

      Allen Iverson needs to play for the New York Knicks so he can reunite with his 2 former teammates Carmelo Anthony and J.R. Smith…I think he would have a grat chemistry with the team and coach as well. Money wise speaking New York tickets Home and Away game will always be sold out mark my words on this. Allen Iverson lets go!!!

      • Rocket33 says:

        Yep. New York would be the right team to sign him. They could pick him up for minimum, he just wants to play. The money they could make just by selling his jerseys alone would make it worth their while.

        The Bobcats are a team who could really use him, if Jordan isn’t still bitter about that crossover. Kemba Walker is a scoring point guard who could learn a lot from Iverson. I’d say bring him in for 20 minutes a game off the bench and give him control of the second unit (like Harden with OKC and Terry with Dallas).

        And of course Philly fans will always love him. They already have their guard rotation sorted but its just sort of where he belongs.

        Much love to A.I. It was players like him who kept us interested in the NBA after Jordan retired. The support I’m reading on here just shows how much the fans and the league really do miss him. He gave everything he had when he stepped on the court and told it how he saw it off the court. Whether he was right or wrong, it was nice to see an honest from the heart opinion and not the scripted, what you are “supposed” to say we get from players these days.

  29. timberwolves says:

    iverson needs to go head to head with malbury…in china.

  30. dj says:

    allen iverson looks like he could break a few more ankies and i think he should come back to play in philly or LA

  31. TIKOL POGI says:

    I believe A.I.3 should be given another chance to play at 76’ers for at least 2 years. He is much better than CP3 compare during his prime years. A.I.3 could still gather a lot of crowd and would inspire “Tie A Yellow Ribbon for AI3”

  32. tradez says:

    leave him alone folks the guys washed up…

  33. Kobe@Manila says:

    Hey AI.. the LAKERS needs ur services..

    • wUT says:

      I agree, 100% coming off the bench he would be great Kobe will get him into shape if Iverson really wants to put in the work.

  34. Allen Iverson in 1 of the top 5 PG in NBA HISTORY he was and still is 1 of the greatest PG ever and it hurts to see some 1 of great tallent not playing in the NBA please bring him back …im a knick fan but Ai is always gonna be my #1 basketball player of all time so the knick should sign him cuz if we had him we would have still been in the play offs come on NBA bring him back

  35. im that guy says:

    It’s sad to see him like that and it would be nice to have him back to play in the nba but there are many young players that deserve to play in the nba more than AI….imagine how many ncaa players are trying so hard to play in the league and how many that actually made it and how many that didn’t make it………..let this be an example to all player in all levels not just nba.

    But no doubt i love AI and I would love to see him play again…..cheers

  36. R.D. Gaines says:

    Sixer fans deserve to have A.I. retire the right way. We missed out on Barkley, and Dawkins finishing as Sixers. Lets not miss Iverson…come on Sixers bring Iverson back next year!

  37. flip says:

    Sign him next season.

  38. mike (Akron,Ohio) says:

    Allen Iverson was always one of my favorite players growing up. Unfortunately his attitude only made GM’s grow leary. From Philadelphia,Denver,Detroit,Memphis,and back to Philadelphia. I miss him playing in Philly,and Denver. His time on both teams was memorable for me.I even enjoyed watching play for Team USA.Unfortunately if he were to come back now it would only be as a part time player and I’m not sure he could handle being a bench/role player. Although teams like Boston,Miami,Lakers,Knicks would thrive just having his presence there especially if he can still shoot the ball well.

  39. Mike says:

    Allen! Allen! Allen! Allen! Allen!

  40. Bok says:

    Iverson deserves to play if: He doesn’t mind playing PG, coming off the bench, and parting wisdom/ mentoring players. I hope he realize this before it’s too late for him. But yeah he deserves a second chance.

  41. gege20703 says:



    BUT MAN.. AI Is the Greatest LITTLE MAN Ever Played The GAme..

    I Still Remember the GLORY DAYS In PHILLY…

    2. THE SWIPE
    9. THE TAT’s

    and owwWW… “THE PRACTICE”

  42. Aptidon says:

    AI in my opinion was the best player. I wish he had at least one or two good supporting teaming to get the ring he needed,but Philly management wasn’t ready up to their commitment for championship since their season ticket were sold out every single game in AI era. Good bless AI and his family and I am wishing them the best for their future.

  43. Paul from Ukraine says:

    Allen Iverson was a reason why i loved basketball. He was my idol and an example as a player and a person!
    If he wants to return to NBA he should be around NBA all the time: visit games, join Game Time, upload couple of videos how he practicing on his website, etc. He should give owners and GM’s a reason, give one game attendance and talking how he wants to play is not enough! I hope he will join Game Time crew at G7 Philly vs Celts!

  44. King Ginamot says:

    AI was a fool. He was a clubhouse cancer. That’s why no one wants him on their teams now.
    Ended up where he is now. Blacklisted from the NBA by David Stern.

    Go play out your final years in China, fool. Or maybe Korea. Fool.

  45. True AI Fan says:

    Iverson is one of the greatest small point guards ever, probably the best, between him and Isaiah Thomas. I dont understand why temas that need his help don’t call. Teams like the HORNETS, RAPTORS, NETS, and BOBCATS can really use his help, especially with the offensive skill set that he poses. Imagine if Deron Williams left Brooklyn and they needed a PG/SG, Iverson would be great and if they paired him with Dwight and other skill players, they would be aweome. Just saying, it would be great to see Iverson back in the NBA.

  46. jaya77 says:

    yup AI is a generation where new pieces of moves in bsketball has been dscovered and developed…..give him a chance and bring him back on the court to show his final dance on the floor..AI s the best!!!!

  47. jaya77 says:

    AI is a generation where new pieces of moves in basketball has been discovered and developed…..give him a chance and bring him back on the court to show his final dance on the floor..AI s the best!!!!

  48. AG says:

    AG is a big Fan of AI3. Please let him return.. i miss the ankle Breaker..

  49. PJCASAO says:

    AI go to Orlando 🙂

  50. roger says:

    was the worst pg in history, when a person shoots 50 times and only makes 10 the guy can not play, he needs to go back over sea and stay there, the guy can not play

  51. Nics says:

    I want to see him back to Philly and break some ankles again! 🙂

  52. kaibaboy says:

    Ai is the best !!!!!!hands down….thanks from Turkey for great memories…but i know you belong to nba that took a lot from you….


    I will love Iverson for all my life..he made me love game and play it the way i do…..I only wish I could see him play in the NBA one more time.

  54. gerger says:

    A.I has the deadliest midrange shot,

  55. Cuss imek says:

    Maaaaaannnn Allen iverson is garbage. Hes like 90 years old. STAY RETIRED

  56. brylle09 says:

    let Allen Iverson play again ….

  57. WouFei187 says:


  58. Julio says:

    Maaaaaan oh man, iverson need to back philly , he is the best man, nobody can bit him 😀

  59. Jepoy3 says:

    AI take your talents to south beach…………………………Miss that guy playing… Please sign him…

  60. Sean Sealy says:

    I think Allen Iverson should come back to the NBA and play for Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers because even though he’s not the same player he used to be 10 years ago, I think he can go into L.A. and provide a spark off a Lakers bench that finished the season dead last in the league and this will definitely make Kobe happy because he’s been waiting all these years to team up with another superstar of his caliber and if the lakers do get Iverson and change that roster up to get Dwight Howard, this team will be a force to be reckoned with once again.

  61. kaeo tyer says:

    if the lakers got sessions @ pg,then AI can start.The lakers need 2 pick him up nxt season.they even had fisher,stop playin and sign AI.

  62. JD says:

    Thing with AI, is that he never accepted the fact that he was past his prime, he couldve been a great scorer/role player of the bench when he went to Denver/Pistons/Memphis… But he still thinks he is the same guy who carried Sixers to that NBA Finals series against the Lakers…

    I would love to see him on the court again, but he needs to know, he’s a bench guy now, someone to give PG’s and SGs rest for a few minutes, not a #1 Option not even a 6th man…

    But I doubt anyone would even give him that chance now..

  63. gregory says:

    why isnt he allowed to play

  64. Heat-Thunder 2012 Finals says:

    AI is a Shooting Guard, not known to be a team-player most of the time. Yes, he is amazing. But at 36, he already called it a career. Can’t expect him to return in the NBA or any team accepting him. Don’t worry AI, you’ll always one of those legendary players!

  65. The Answer says:

    i thought he was going to remove the jacket and the pants and will see him waring #3 jersey and play. lol

  66. AI says:

    The smallest player on the court but plays with the biggest heart. AI PLEASE COME BACK TO THE NBA. Back in his prime he can carry the whole team night in and night out.

  67. bamf says:

    I got to c AI play for the first time in Denver. Now im a spurs fan but ill b the first to say it would b cool as heck to c him back u gotta love his game just relentless

  68. Mastershifu says:

    how sad to see AI leave the court, not long time ago he was a superstar

  69. Sjay says:

    If Al was playing for the lakers with Kobe, they would have not been eliminated by OKC….He would have taken that damn shot for Gasol… I just want to see Al play again… just not with the raptors!

  70. LinLin says:

    I love AI. However, let’s face it. He is done, no team will sign him again.

  71. cheetoh says:

    Just imagine if the guy had the right mindset….I honestly don’t like him but to see this video I am in awe of just how much people love him…if only he’d gone to practices, shared the ball and been the ultimate teammate I might’ve even cheered for him..don’t get me wrong the guy is good but he wasn’t good enough to make his team and teammates better…

  72. mike conley says:

    i got punked by AI in memphis…

  73. Miguel Melo says:

    Lets be honest here. He WAS a GREAT player. Not anymore. That’s just the way it is. he or we, for that matter, can’t bask on past memories. There was only one player from my generation that played after retiring and still showed greatness and he was, no surprise here, Michael Jordan, THE BEST EVER TO PLAY THE GAME!!!!

  74. BforBrandon says:

    AI will always be one of the greatest ever to play the game. AI BRINGING THAT PHILLY SWAG!!

  75. Shamir says:

    2013 Orlando Magics. Starting Lineup: Allen Iverson G Jason Richardson G Quentin Richardson F Glen Davis F Dwight Howard C

    I speak the truth! this will be a dream team for the Orlando Magics next season with GM Dr. O’Neal
    follow me on twitter @slim_ballin

  76. JAY Smith says:

    Please NBA bring the answer back he still got a few more years of good basketball is like HAMILTON SAID HE STILL BETTER THAT 75% OF PG/SG THAT A TEAM CAN HAVE HOPE TO SEE U BACK AI!!

  77. DALGART says:

    Watching the Philadelphia crowd cheering for Allan Iverson, truly shows his impact on the NBA.
    As so many players with “Baggage” before him, he obviously still Loves to compete, or he wouldn’t still play in Europe.
    As other comments above, I also feel he still deserves, and should get a second chance with an NBA Team.
    With a a great Coach, he would definitely still have an impact in the NBA. Most Teams could truly utilize his Talent…

  78. Nate says:

    As much as I love AI, please stop all this talk of him playing in the NBA again. The only reason he should come back is if he’s willing to come off the bench, play limited mins, and play more of a mentor role to the younger players. Plus he’ll have to come to a championship caliber team or what’s the point of coming back. AI is not explosive any more and he can’t do the stuff he was doing 10 yrs ago. Get real people.

  79. tarays marinas says:

    bubba chuck!!! maddox!!! the answer… ur the best nba player of all time…

  80. tarays marinas says:

    pls… bring back the fashion to nba!!!! i love to see the best killer crosver dribble… breaking ankles of superstars… pls… go back to nba allen iverson!! im your avid fan since georgetown hoyas!!!!

  81. Mixhael Vito says:

    Xox The Answer . . A.I. . . .I3 . . Is my idol since i was a kid . . . Upto now . .i hope he could play again in NBA . . In any Team more better if he will play at MIAMI HEAT with big 3 1 😀

  82. ROY CUSTODIO says:

    AI is definitely one of the best 50 players to ever grace the NBA…..LET him play and win a title..join the Lakers and be with Kobe.

  83. Konrad965 says:

    I`m form Poland and we strongly believe that one day he will come back to NBA a make a few ankle breakers:):) BEST MAN EVER!!!!

  84. BlaqueChina says:

    Iverson will most likely come out to china to play,it would be nice to see him back in philly,but it’s looking like china. Either way, We need to see AI ballin.

  85. Mr. Hooper says:

    It’s very sentimental to see the man bringing in the game ball, like some kind of Rocky Balboa underdog,
    But really, AI wrote the final chapter to his NBA story all on his own.
    His contributions to the development of the game will be set in the stones of history, but REALLY,
    the players who have a tenth of his talent and have to work 20 times as hard as him to maybe have a job next year
    will have one thing on him: professionalism.

  86. Veronica says:

    Allen Iverson needs to be back in the NBA!!!!! Despite the troubles of the past, he has brought too much to the game to be left out in the cold. There are plenty of fans out here who wanna see him play again. He plays with so much heart. The game hasn’t been the same without him. He is The Answer!!!! Bring him back home……where he belongs!

  87. jsan says:

    If we dont get jeremy lin to ptown give us ai!!!

  88. ac3 says:

    the greatest basketball player in history (heightwise)).. hope to see you play in NBA again.

  89. 1fallen superstar says:

    definitely wanted to see “the answer” back in the NBA. A Sixer, Bobcat, or a Knick… AI.3 one last time for at least 2 to 3 yrs.

  90. AI Got Next!!! says:

    AI can be on my team any day Coast to Coast! If AI is on the sideline and I need one; I would pick him just because he knows the game and can still play as can I at 57..BallUp!

  91. Sean says:

    A.I. and Steve Nash should team up.
    some team should sign them both together.
    Nash on PG slot and A.I. on SG.
    that would be good.
    i wish i’m the new Magic GM right now cause i wanna make that happen.

  92. Fred H From Detroit says:

    I’m all for giving people at least a second chance and A.I has had more then a second chance. Until he grows-up and realize that there are “NO” I’s or Me’s In team, I would not want him on my team, and he doesn’t have much time to figure that out. It was nice of the 76ers organization to let him deliver the ball, he done a lot for the City and the team. But what would have been nicer if he turned that cap around and put a belt on. A.I you are a very talented “Brother” and I believe you could help a Lakers or a Miami team and In the process get that elusive “Ring” but first you need to look In the mirror and make some changes to the person you see, and also except that you are no longer the Basketball phenom you once were. In other words check the “Ego” at the locker room door and accept and play the role the “Team” needs you to play, and with the right team can A.I say my Ring size Is…..

  93. J-Slim says:

    All of you fans who say AI was a great player, agreed. But top 5 point guard of all time? No. He was a shooting guard trapped in a small point guards body. Look at his numbers. They clearly agree with that. Also, a lot of you are talking like hed step right into the NBA after not playing for basically 3 seasons, and play at a high level. Also not gonna happen. He is an old player who is far past his time and is doing just fine where he is. Again, he was a great player in his days, but let’s not go Brett Favre on the NBA, Allen Iverson, and just realize its time to hang it up.

  94. D Hamp says:

    Manuel, I totally agree with everything u said and the way to start the petition is to go to the website, and it shows the way to start a petition. really easy to do, just click the link, start a petition.

  95. Marilyn says:

    As several mentioned, Allen has had several chances. How old is he now? Allen is the player who got me interested in the NBA. He made moves that looked physically impossible and haven’t seen anyone like him since. Allen, thanks for the memories.

  96. ant says:

    AI made the league soooo much money, way more money than he made (blown, gave away,) however you put it…and he still is making the league money. For someone who changed the game, since Jordan; What a crying shame, conspiracy that he’s blackballed out of the league…For the commissioner to allow this to happen, or to be the reason this is happening is so hypocritical. And he’s not the only professional athlete to go through bad decisions, after bad choices…I’m just confused, how other countries would take him in a second, but America where everything was built on lies, deceit, cover-ups; our own secret service/government our doing shady things, breaking the law! If I really went off of my feelings on this subject, i’d never watch NBA basketball again, and I’m a die-hard fan…I’d be fine with College basketball. Anyway, their is no excuse for him not to be playing if he wants, other then his own decision not to. But he clearly wants to, so how come it’s not happening…Doug Collins said in the beginning of the season he’d take AI in a second, That should be enough…

  97. Majic J says:

    Awesome player. Even at his worst he is better than most current players at their best. The Answer forever.

  98. KayJayA7X says:

    I honestly cannot understand why A.I. isn’t in the league when Luke Walton’s still playing for the Lakers.

  99. they scared of the truth! He's Great! With Him Miami is Done! says:

    This is the legend of AI,
    The most beautiful Baller in the world today.
    He talks a great deal, and brags indeed-y,
    of a muscular cross over that’s incredibly speed-y.
    The fistic world was dull and weary,
    But with a champ like Liston, things had to be dreary.
    Then someone with color and someone with dash,
    Brought basketball fans runnin’ with Cash.
    This brash young baller is something to see
    And A NBA championship is his des-tin-y.
    This kid fights great; he’s got speed and endurance,
    But if you sign to hold him, increase your insurance.
    This kid can go left; this kid can go right,
    If he cross you once, you’re asleep for the night.
    And as you lie on the floor while the ref rubs his chin,
    You’ll pray that you won’t have to play Him again.
    For I am the Player this poem’s about,
    The Return of champ , there isn’t a doubt.
    This I predict and I know the score,
    I’ll be the nba champ soon as they open the door.
    When I say three, they’ll go in the third,

    So don’t bet against me, I’m a man of my word.
    Ai is the greatest! Yes!
    Now Bring Ai Back! So His Fans can Cheer! I Guarantee Alot Of these Player’s will be scared he’s here!