Ricky Rubio Will Do Whatever It Takes To Watch The NBA Playoffs

by Micah Hart

Desperate times call for desperate measures. So, if you are Ricky Rubio and you have to fetch your brother from the airport while the Western Conference Finals are going on, what do you do?

WHATEVER IT TAKES, that’s what.

Via @rickyrubio9

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  1. Andrew M. says:

    That there is a man who enjoy’s the sport, hope to see him at full recovery for next year.

    ::Timberwolves Champions of 2013::

    • emesse says:

      Rubio has that incredible way about him, like a true star, so that even a staged pic like this comes off as dead cool. I sure hope he recovers fully because he was just amazing to watch.

  2. Haydz says:

    I love this kid. Hope he makes a full recovery and very fast!

  3. makataeus says:

    That’s Ruby Vision right there always finds a way to make the plays.

  4. dattebayo says:

    If he doesn’t tear his ACL, the Wolves would have been anywhere from 6-8 and could have made some noise in the playoffs. It’s really sad that not only did he miss out on the rest of the season, but because rehab takes so long he will miss this summer and maybe training camp and the beginning of the season to work on his game.

    I hope the strain of injuries stops there for the Wolves, they had the most this season and at times missed 4 starters and with Beasley a very potent scorer. I counted the missed games for key players with 2-3 weeks to go in the season and came up with 150+ games (Pekovic, Love, Rubio, Ridnour, Barea, Beasley, Johnson). With 60 games played until then, they missed 2-3 guys in every game…