Flaming Lips Rewrite Track For Thunder Fight Song

by Micah Hart

Charles Barkley may think Oklahoma City is a bit of a one-horse town, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its share of celebrities and artists who call the Thunder their favorite team.

Take the band The Flaming Lips, born and bred in Oklahoma, who have taken the opportunity of this year’s playoff run to record a new fight song for the team, “Thunder Up! Race for the Prize”, a reimagining of their song “Race for the Prize” from the album Soft Bulletin.

Not bad. I was kind of hoping for “Kevin Durant Battles the Pink Robots“, but maybe they can do that for the Finals should the Thunder make it.

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  1. me says:

    hipsters, hipsters everywhere

    • Sam says:

      Considering the Flaming Lips were around long before all this ‘hipster’ crap. Please stop this silly name calling over a band you simply don’t have any interest in or knowledge of and appreciate a group of guys writing a song for their hometown team.