Russell Westbrook Plays 48 Minutes Of Defense (And Just A Little More)

by Micah Hart

You know that thing that Kevin Garnett made popular, where you swat away any shot headed towards the basket during a dead ball? Well Russell Westbrook just took it to a whole new level, trolling Danny Green and then some:

That’s a pretty jerk move, generally speaking, but this is the playoffs. Anything you can do to get in your opponents’ heads, I’m all for it.

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  1. Dumar says:

    That’s hilarious!

    • OKCKD35 says:

      whats even funnier is the play right before this where Westbrook basically hits Parker in the face with the basketball and knocks him on his butt, that will teach Parker to play that close of D. Haha, its even better because they can’t call a foul, the ball hit him!

  2. Rocabye says:

    Lol! I love that kind of attitude. Westbrook was stayin in the zone!

  3. Justice served for not calling the foul. Hahaha, just kidding. He should not blocked that shot. He was a jerk right there.

  4. Knfkvnksl says:

    man thats straight up letting danny green get nothing but his confidence even more hammered down. i agree, total jerk move but yet effing genius by westbrooke. This is playoff basketball!!!!!

  5. erik says:

    That’s not a jerk move, that’s just being smart.

  6. westy says:

    it was a jerk move by westbrook sure, but its the playoffs, nice guys dont win championships, well not as often as the guys who do everything to win – look at jordan he was a mad trash talker, not exactly a nice guy on the court, many would say a jerk even but they forget about that when they see the rings…

  7. NBAJAM12 says:

    not jerk getting in his head and also hilarious , and another thing there not friends and are basically enemys its playoff bball if your scared go to church

  8. Alex Roig says:

    That was awesome. You don’t the opponent to have too many warm up shots at the goal before the second half starts. That’s what the layup line before the 3rd quarter is for.

  9. Eddie says:

    The thunder havent played real d up to this series, they really stepped up their game to the next level and showed how much heart they have and in doing so will close out the spurs in 6 games! i wrote all about it on my blog and how to bet it right here so come by read and enjoy!

  10. Seattle Super Sonics says:

    That’s My Dawg * Smokey’s Voice * He should’ve done that Danny Green Would’ve felt good going into next half. So, obviously you’ll do everything to win

  11. beaugossian says:

    This was a more a move of frustration than anything else. Westbrook is not necessarily a jerk, and not a trash talker either. He’s just a 23-year-old extremely talented player, who is still learning how to control his emotions on the big stage. He’s swatted Danny Green’s shot because he was frustrated that he missed that last shot and had not played as well as he would like