Charles and Shaq Clown Shane Battier For His Purple Pants

by Micah Hart

If there has been an unsung star for the Heat in these playoffs (if anyone on the Heat can be called unsung), it would have to be Shane Battier, who has been absolutely lights-out from 3-point range the past few weeks and provided exactly the kind of offensive support so crucial to Miami’s Big Three at this late stage.

He joined the GameTime crew of Matt Winer, Charles Barkley, and Shaquille O’Neal after Sunday’s big Game 3 win for the Heat, and after getting the particulars out of the way early on Shaq and Chuck only wanted to know one thing (around the 4:20 mark). What’s up with the purple pants, Shane?

Gotta give the guy credit for having the confidence required to wear those pants, but shooting 73% from distance in The Finals probably goes a long way in providing it.

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One Comment

  1. DJ3 says:

    73%!!!!!! WRITE IT DOWN HATERS! 7! 3! %!!!