Found Footage of LeBron James As A Youngster Explains A Lot

by Micah Hart

LeBron James may be well on his way to silencing many of his critics with a championship ring (certainly his play to this point has provided little ammo), but that doesn’t mean people aren’t still enjoying a laugh or two at his expense. Like the good people at, for example, who “found” this video of LeBron from his playground days:

Pretty well executed, and a nice inclusion of the “Good job, good effort” kid to boot. Well done, Jest.


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  1. mr tee says:

    so you guys are now a gossip column

  2. Juice says:


  3. Mimai says:


  4. wasted 1:23 of my life.

  5. Derek says:

    I’d expect this from a site like bleacher report…but uh..isn’t supposed to have legit basketball news? SUPER LAME.

  6. Sick says: