LeBron James, Made Entirely Of Balloons

by Micah Hart

LeBron James has been playing inspiring basketball this entire postseason. Literally, the man is inspiring people, like BYU student Joel Zae, who spent his Saturday creating a LeBron sculpture made entirely from balloons. LeBalloon James, if you will. Check it out:

Pretty impressive stuff Joel. Just remember after Thursday, you may have to make a tweak for some jewelry on one of his fingers.

H/T KSL.com

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  1. Philippines says:

    Lebron’ s the best player of the game man! no question how well he played the game. all stats that even kobe, durant, jordan can ever play. hes shot blocking style with his height is incredible! u know… hes the best ever! fpr the haters? Get a life. Talk and nextime? say something of u can play btr than this guy. lols!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Felix says:

    Congratulations to the Miami Heat for putting up an exciting NBA series; the focus and the mental attitude to stay on top of the game can be felt in all the games and especially in the interviews. It was truly a phenomenal journey for a basketball team that faced tremendous odds and challenges throughout the year. And especially in the last game of the Finals, what really became apparent was how everyone felt the responsibility to pitch in; to simply win the game and reach the elusive goal of becoming the NBA champions of 2012. Actually, it became scary how everybody’s shots started just going in and how players were scrambling for the loose balls. What a wonderful thing it was to witness a harmony of efforts that put the doubts out of the whole crowd’s minds; that they truly deserved to be the winners. Oklahoma did well too and they have nothing to be ashamed abt with what they have accomplished; people all over will no longer take this team as a young up coming team but as a tream that is fready to pounce at the opportunity, when it rises again. OKC will definitely sound the clap of thunder again in next year’s games. But for now the glory goes to the Heat who willed the championship thru sheer guts and determination. Again, CONGRATULATIONS!!!