Live Blogging The First Annual Social Media Awards

by Micah Hart

We’re live on NBATV with Shaq, Rick Fox, Lang Whitaker, and Tas Melas and J.E. Skeets from The Basketball Jones for the first ever Social Media Awards. Lots of good stuff to get through in this hour-long special celebrating the most viral, most talked about teams, players and performances from the 2011-12 season. Let’s get rolling!

9:05Jeremy Lin takes home the first social media award, for Epic performance from his breakout game against the Lakers. In case you forgot how that went down, take a peek:

9:08 – The Lakers, not surprisingly, win the Social MVT (Most Valuable Team), far outpacing the #2 ranked squad the Boston Celtics. Judging by the comments sections on the blogs, this is not a surprise victory. KOBE RULEZ! TAKE THAT HATERZ!

9:15 – Skeets and Tas present the Snapshot Award for best tweeted picture. And the winner is … Landry Fields, who tweeted a picture of the couch Lin crashed on during the early part of his tenure with the Knicks. Another Lin-related victory … I’m sensing a theme starting here. One of the nominees for this award was a picture Kevin Love tweeted of his mustache, but I would also have nominated the picture Ricky Rubio tweeted of Love’s shave and a haircut — who is that guy?

9:23 – Our guy Lang gives out the #Trendsetter award, for the most talked about player in the NBA. I seriously assumed Jeremy Lin was going to win, but Kobe Bryant is your winner. He then also wins the award for the most Facebook likes. People, this is how big of a phenomenon Jeremy Lin was this season, that it made me forget for a split second how INSANELY popular Kobe is around the world.

9:28 – Shaq wins the Triple Threat award for best former player turned analyst to follow on social media, then procedes to run around the studio in celebration. He seems a bit out of breath afterwards — didn’t he just get in shape for his shirt off battle with Chuck?

9:34 – The Fan Nation award for the biggest increase in social media traffic goes to … Lob City! Second place to the Knicks, and third to the Timberwolves. Man, think about that for a minute. Two of the three most talked about teams on social media are the T’wolves and the Clippers. I think we can thank League Pass for that one.

9:35Jared Dudley wins the BIG award for best use of social media, and he’s in the studio to accept the award. Man, that would have been awkward if he’d lost! Dudley has his own little video network he calls JMZ, posting lots of short little videos of life behind the scenes in the NBA. It’s a well deserved win for Dudley, who is definitely laying the foundation for a successful career in broadcasting when his playing days are over.

9:44 – The LOL award for funniest screw-up goes to who else, JaVale McGee, for running back on defense when there was no one to defend:

JaVale, we kid because we love.

9:45 – The Got Game award goes to Blake Griffin for his Mozgov-ing of Kendrick Perkins. Here are all the nominees for the award, if you want to reminisce:

9:57 – No surprise here, the final award of the night the Social Slam award, goes to Gerald Green for his oh-my-god-did-you-just-see-that alley-oop jam:

I’ve seen that play about 200 times since it happened, and my jaw drops each time.

That’ll do it for the first annual Social Media Awards. What’d you think? Agree with the winners? Biggest snubs?

Let us know in the comments….

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  1. Jamelle says:

    Congratulations, just lot fun watching, wait for more next season

  2. dirk says:

    agree !!!
    hand down!!!

  3. dirk says:

    hands down!!!