LeBron Haters Deliver Postmortem On Heat Championship Win

by Micah Hart

By winning his first NBA championship, LeBron James has shut a lot of mouths talking a lot of noise (mine included). Monday night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, some of James’ harshest critics had to face the media and discuss what happened and how they plan to deal with the new reality:

Haters gonna keep hatin’, I suppose.

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  1. Lamonteecurb says:

    Good topic and yes they are starting to respect him just a bit but they too still have hate for labron it means really nothen to them because there fellings remaine the same they know he’s 3 time M.V.P an finals M.V.P and a RING to show for james and bosh has at least 5 more years in them wade is a diffent story he’s starting to decline fast and he’s age wade has bout 2 more years left to help labron if we keep adding the soild role players around them i can see miami winning at least 2 more titles then we have to find a fast 2 gaurd to replace wade there for james can mold and teach that player the ropes think about people know we need a center to take pressure off the big 3 that means a lot of rebounds rite because all three can rebound see if miami can control the boards game more even in 4years james will still b running the same pace aslo bosh but he need just a lil bit help from that center and u got a few rings i think putting allen on hold miami will benifit because i fill andrew byum will fit with miami he still young he’s a two time former champ thats needs a lil bit of growing up to do and where to do it at miami see byum not only can carve up rebounds but he aslo scores in the paint and he keeps his arms high i like that plus he needs to understand kobe is aging fast so by the time in the later part of the season playoff time kobe and the bigs are whore down because there not up pace so put allen on hold i belive byum is tired of LA he just doent want to say it publicy and doesnt want to stab kobe in the back he just show miami win a championship as he did with the mav’s that’s two yrs in a row i think byum will act better under pat knew scean LA looks like Miami anyway so byum can win two with the heat give him a 2 yr deal get him in south beach then then got after ray allen miller can stay batter got 1 yr left in him jones is retiring howard one of the only fab 5 nba champion he will retire also so people my not think so but we can repeat if we get lucky in the off season who’s knows let go heat…repeat

    • JoelHorse says:

      Lamonteecurb – Do you have any idea about the NBA and the game of Basketball itself?
      Wow. Bynum can’t go to Miami because they wouldnt have anywhere near enough money left to sign him, let alone he is contracted until next year with the Lakers, thats even if he’d want to go there.
      In 2 years time, Ray Allen will be gone. Wade will still be around and one of the best Shooting Guards in the league still – He is only 30! Kobe is 33 and will probably be around another 3-4 years at least!
      Shane Battier has a lot more than 1 year left in him too! he showed that all throughout the finals!
      Miami don’t really need a Center if they have Bosh playing C, Lebron at PF and Battier at SF – have you been watching the entire playoffs?

      Also – do you realise that this video is a joke?

      • Bballallday says:

        Wade is 30…NOW. He’ll be 31 next season, and he’s having problems with his knees already. Everyone’s different, but wade is a wear and tear type of player. It’s his game, if he doesn’t play the way he plays then he’s no good. He does have about 2 more years of “good” basketball in him. You are right about one thing though, bynum is too much money for the heat and will get more expensive as he is getting better in all of his attributes.

      • wadefan says:

        i know my name may give it away a bit.. and sure maybe i do have a bias on the matter.. but wade has more than 2 good years.. kobe had a rough time with his knees too.. remember how he got surgery and came back with some serious lift.. wade is gonna get surgery this summer.. he is a smart player.. he will obviously start to slow down.. in some of the same ways that kobe does.. wade is a very good post up player, especially for a guard.. he’ll figure it out how to be successful even if he isnt able to keep throwing his body around

    • Frank says:

      In order for Miami to get Bynum, they will have to give the Lakers LeBron in exchange. Since this is not going to happen, they will never get Bynum. Wake up fool!

  2. TNCeltic says:

    Punctuation, my friend. Embrace it.

  3. Lani says:

    For me I still don’t like him. It’s not about the rings and things to me. There are a decent amount of players I do not like and some of them even have rings. I have my reasons for not like them and if that makes me a hater, then so be it. Just because he has won something that people have criticized him for, it does not mean that people have to start like him or even respecting him or anyone else for that matter.

    • Knickfan says:

      So what’s your reason hater?

    • wadefan says:

      ya.. you didnt say once why you dont like him.. so it basically sounds like you are justifying being a bandwagon hater.. come on.. lay off lebron.. hate on dwight howard for being a dumby, waiving his opt out and then asking for a trade right away this season.. fool

    • josh says:

      exactly ihate the big players who constantly get all the praises just because they are good like for example Lebron he left Cleveland because he got sick of doing all the effort so he waited until Bosh left Toronto the he made his mind to win a ring without putting much effort in he was a better player in Cleveland and he deserved losing to my team last year as Dirk is a player who is absoulutly amazing yet he doesn’t constantly getted praises as mostof his career he has been told that he will never be a hall of famer which he will get thre quicker than wade, bosh or even lebron ever will

  4. matt says:

    heat should pick up nash and atlanta should grab jeremy lin and j.r. smith.

  5. vince says:

    tl;dr ^

    funny though

  6. Agudo says:

    The Heat buy a good, consistent starting centre and they manage to stay healthy, they repeat.

    • Bballallday says:

      Yea, YOU got more money in your bank to spend than they do on a player =|……..

  7. gabe says:

    hoensty, its sad to see that so many people are angry and disrespcetful at such a great athlete and role model to the world of sports. He truly has no major reason for being disliked , just because he left cleveland it doesnt mean that he should loose his greatness and as person and a player. Simple enough King James critics should be quiet for ever!

  8. Liwei Wu says:

    I used to hate him for his arrogance and selfishness. However after seeing his performance against the Celtics and Thunder, I saw him as a great clutch performer and he has changed a lot this season by keeping himself on a low profile. So he has my respect now.

  9. 305miami says:

    getting byrum would be nice for the heat but we will have to give a lot so i dont think that would ever happen , second if mike miller decide to retire that would help us financially opeing up some cap space for a decent big man and mayb a point guard like the likes of steve nash , or a shooter like ray allen , and as far as wade go believe me he got more then 2 or 3 yrs in em , even thoe he sacrafie his body alot going hard into the paint getting foul , it does catch up to you , but as of right now we are looking good , looking strong , looking powerful going into the up coming season as the number #1team to beat .