The Nets Have A Birthday Wish For Deron Williams

by Micah Hart

Back at the 2011 trade deadline, you may recall that the New Jersey Nets swung a deal to acquire Deron Williams from the Utah Jazz, with eyes on bringing the All-Star guard with them to Brooklyn when the team moved there this fall. There was just this slight little complication with that plan, which is that Williams’ contract expired at the end of this past season and he is free to shop his wares to the highest bidder.

In a related story, today is Deron Williams‘ 28th birthday (Happy bday big guy!), and the Nets have taken the opportunity to wish him a happy and a healthy, in a way that does not seem at all desperate to remind him of how much they have riding on his upcoming decision about his future.

Given that there have been reports of Williams shopping for houses in Dallas, I shudder to think what their personal billboard might say on his 29th birthday should he decide to change teams.

H/T @johnhschumann

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  1. rewat says:

    i love how it changes from 28th to 29th