Carmelo Anthony Takes The Time To Prank Visitors At Madame Tussaud’s

by Micah Hart

How do you know you’ve made it in New York? Is it headlining a show on Broadway? Having a sandwich named after you at Carnegie Deli? One benchmark is certainly having a wax figure of yourself put on display at Madame Tussaud‘s, which is what happened to Carmelo Anthony on Tuesday:

I love, love, love, that ‘Melo took the opportunity to mess with people visiting his exhibit at the museum. Hand to god, if I ever had a wax statue made of myself on display anywhere, I would do this to people ALL THE TIME. I wouldn’t just do it at the opening, I’d do it when things were slow at work or if an appointment were in the neighborhood, or you know, whenever I had a free minute, and I would never, ever get tired of it.

Congrats Carmelo on the honor. It’s no jersey made of Fruit Roll Ups, but it’s close.

H/T @jonahballow

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  1. Melo Fan says:

    Nice one Melo scaring people up,btw those last two almost wet their pants LOL

  2. peranh says:

    And those last two cats, no one will believe them that he is real. “But it’s at that wax museum”?

  3. Arvee says:

    Nice!!! you waxed them out MELO lol…

  4. NAJ'o says:

    Haha brilliant!

  5. BRIO says:

    nice MELO….be the MVP this 2013…

    • MEV says:

      For Real Melo Shut Up All Haters And Be The MVP

      Out here in Denver they hate you Melo, so for my sake a fan of yours shut them up:-)

      Thanks, A Fan From Denver.

  6. Paul says:

    Too bad he don’t scare that much on defense

  7. jay says:

    ha ! ha! Ha! melo made a good laugh of some people at the wax museum. I hope the knicks will not be a laughing matter this season! Go knicks!

  8. Danilo Gallinari says:

    What’s really scary is that Melo as a wax statue plays better defense than Melo in real life.

  9. wooderson says:

    i dont get how carmelo gets a wax statue, seriously what has he done to warrant that? apart from being one of the most overrated nba players of all time.

  10. ccb says:

    Funny melo, but you still don’t deserve to “represent” NYC in that museum, I mean next to MJ? No way!

  11. Mahmoud says:

    the end was funny, the girl yelling

  12. no ring says:

    hahahah probably the best accolade he’ll get in his career.

  13. Julius says:


  14. Dennis - Bulls Fan says:

    Man he did that well!!

  15. Matata says:

    All haters stay away we appreciate you Melo that was too funny how you scared that last couple I am laughing my head off at work looking crazy

  16. Andrew says:

    Will the real Melo please stand up?