LeBron James Drops By Letterman To Discuss Title, Cleveland

by Micah Hart

Fresh off a title, LeBron James paid a visit to The Late Show with David Letterman last night, and of course the Midwestern-raised Letterman couldn’t resist tweaking LeBron about bolting Cleveland to win the championship in Miami. LBJ handled the questions in good humor (not that that will appease Cleveland fans, but it’s true) and generally came off pretty well. I guess it’s easy to be in a good mood when you’ve just lifted a thousand-pound monkey off your back, and you know, are the champion of the world and all.

I didn’t realize this was James’ fifth appearance on Letterman — I wonder where that ranks among active professional athletes?

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  1. MarChieJaVier says:

    we all know that LBJ can win A Ring in CC.. but i think, LBJ bored in this team. that’s why he join WITH D.wade..

  2. Dennis - Bulls Fan says:

    LeBron getting better at interviews. Good to see he is on the up, and as much as I was a hater of his stupid ordeal of getting traded, at least he learns from his mistakes, some dont do that. He played great in the Playoffs, good on him for keeping it real.