Get That Thundermobile You Always Wanted

by Micah Hart

When you own a 1996 Suzuki X-90, there are only so many things you can do to jazz it up. Some rims, a cool spoiler, maybe a Calvin and Hobbes decal, but that’s about it.

Not so fast, said Drew Hooper, who souped up his limited edition ride* by using it as a canvas to paint a mural in support of his hometown Thunder.

*Limited in the way that New Coke was limited edition as well, I’m assuming.

The excitement from driving around such a conspicuous ride appears to have worn off on Hooper however, who is now selling the vehicle on Craigslist. Well, either the excitement, or dealing with the fact that according to the ad, the driver’s side window doesn’t roll down and the A/C doesn’t work. Either way, the ride can be yours for a cool three stacks.

Check out more of the photos after the jump, and if you’re interested, shoot him an email. Not sure if he’s willing to consider interesting trades or not.

(Photos courtesy of craigslist)

H/T Buzzfeed

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  1. LeBron #6 says:

    @ hooperz_ -> $3000