Steve Nash Posits An Alternate Origin Story For Batman

by Micah Hart

I know everyone is all abuzz about Steve Nash‘s move from Phoenix to Los Angeles to join the Lakers, with most of the attention being focused on the impact it will have on the basketball court. Me? All I can think about it the opportunities it will provide for him off the court, where Nash has developed quite a little taste for making viral videos.

Here is his latest offering, a retelling of the Batman mythology (complete with over-the-top, Christian Bale-era voice huskiness), starring, directed, and written by Nash:

Nash found the time to make several hilarious shorts while in Phoenix, where the closest thing to a local celebrity is The Gorilla. Imagine what he can pull off now that he’ll be playing in Tinseltown?

Watch your back, Blake Griffin. Funny or Die may have a new NBA sheriff in town.

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  1. metam0rphism says:

    Nice one.
    Is that really his voice?


  2. celtic533 says:

    nice vid