Pau Gasol Is Pretty Excited About Playing With Steve Nash

by Micah Hart

The Lakers, if you haven’t heard yet, are going to be adding two-time MVP and Batman re-imaginer Steve Nash to the fold when the free agency moratorium expires July 11. Many wonder how he will interact with Kobe Bryant, but one Lakers player who has no reservations about playing with Nash is All-Star big man Pau Gasol, who took to the internet to voice his approval of the deal:

I don’t know what big man wouldn’t enjoy playing with Nash, but of course, as my man Sekou Smith pointed out yesterday, there’s a realistic chance Gasol will never have the opportunity. So sad for him.

H/T Dime

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One Comment

  1. John C says:

    With solid point guard play, you will be the best big man in the nba. PLEASE DONT LEAVE LA !!