One Suns Fan Is Pretty Upset Steve Nash Is Leaving To Join The Lakers

by Micah Hart

Steve Nash is leaving the Phoenix Suns to join the L.A. Lakers. I haven’t asked, but my sense of things tells me that most Phoenix fans are at peace with it. Well, maybe not at peace with him going to the rival Lakers, exactly, but at peace with him leaving a team that won’t be contending any time soon for one last shot at that elusive championship ring.

Not all Suns fans are so ready to forgive and forget though:

Aurora, I feel your pain. My reaction to Dominique Wilkins getting traded from the Hawks was very similar (though my hostility was directed more at the team than the Human Highlight Film).

We’re really just filming everything nowadays, huh? Noted.

H/T Sports Grid

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  1. hooplover says:

    mommy, teach her now that things happen beyond our control! lol

  2. I’m a 30 year old man and I had a very similar response.

    Except with more throwing things.

    Poor girl. 😦

    • John says:

      Heartbreaking, yes.

      However, Nash deserves a ring which the Suns cannot provide in their current state.

  3. steve nash says:

    Get used to it little girl life is full of disappointment, loss, rejection and pain.

  4. Bear says:

    The video has been made private?

  5. chin says:

    It is private 😦

  6. LF says:

    It’s sad how parents humiliate and expose their children on the internet these days.

  7. krecikgosinka says:

    What a silly, sensless video….!