Kyrie Irving Ain’t Scared, Challenges Kobe Bryant To 1-on-1 Contest

by Micah Hart

To be successful in the NBA, you have to have confidence. Talent, sure, that helps, but confidence is pretty high up on the list of tools you’ll need. Kyrie Irving? He’s got a lot of confidence, as well he should, seeing as he was the #1 pick in the 2011 Draft and Rookie of the Year for the Cavaliers this season.

Now he wants to put that confidence to the ultimate test. During practice for Team USA (Irving is a part of the USA Select team providing scrimmage fodder for the Olympic team), Irving started playfully jawing with Kobe Bryant, and the two agreed to a 1-on-1 game with the loser donating $50K to the winner’s charity.

The trash talk continued unabated, with neither willing to back down:

This is like watching one of those nature shows where the young upstart hippo comes up to challenge the dominant male.

Sign me up for the pay-per-view if this thing ends up happening.


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  1. two says:

    Haha he really thinks he can beat Kobe? Hilarious.

    • alienboyguitar says:

      Nah…. Kobe should instead go to Lebron and ask for a 1-on-1 for 50k and have it pay per view 😀 genius!

      • @DomonicCity says:

        Kobe #1 he’s better than LeBron and Kevin Durant & Dwayne Wade! Everybody! But too me, Kobe and LeBron is the best! But I wanna kno how LeBron overall on 2k13 is 98and Kobe overall is 94! CHEATING!

  2. chris1566 says:

    kobe will beat him 11-4 one on one

  3. Nick Weber says:

    If it’s such “easy money” as Kobe says, why doesn’t he play him?

    • when Kyrie wins a couple NBA Titles says:

      is when. I like Kyrie, he’s the future face of the League, but trash talking one of the best SG’s of all time isn’t the way to make a name for yourself .. in any league. When he can do the things Kobe has achieved over many years, then that’s the time to be saying ‘yeah, i can do that’ or ‘i can foot it against the best of them.’ Now, as a rookie that hasn’t done anything yet .. is not that time.

      • The Beard says:

        One of the best SG of all time!?LOL! Hes good but the only reason he has any championships is because of shaq and pau gasol. when shaq left the lakers were terrible till they picked up pau. Irvings a future hall of famer.

      • Joe Shmoe says:

        Dude, lighten up … he’s just having fun, and maybe raising 50k for charity … no harm, no foul … not everything in life is “to the death”.

        Life’s good, try and enjoy them a little …

      • Realist Laker's Fan says:

        @ The Beard.

        Thats as good as saying that the ONLY REASON MJ has any rings is because of PIPPEN. He didnt get anywhere until Pippen Developed and became a dominant player in is own rights. Remembr MJ has never beaten the Boston Celtics who boasted 3 (or more?) HOF players. And he couldnt get past the Detroit Bad Boys until Pippen became good.

        Same thing with Shaq. If Shaq was so good, why didnt they win until Kobe developed? My understanding is that Basketball is a Team sport. 1 Man makes a difference (esp. some1 like Mj, Shaq & Kobe), but 1 man cant carry the team to a championship because 5>1.

    • von says:

      he will be, lol thats why the winner gets 50k to the charity of their choice lol

  4. AJ Styles says:

    Irving on dope. nuff said.

  5. Zeekster says:

    If Kyrie beats Kobe…wow! Kobe’s biggest mistake is publicly stating that the USA 2012 team would beat the 1992 Dream Team.

    • Deshaun says:

      They would… Athletes have gotten bigger stronger and faster. People tend to always side with the back in the day player. If you took a pole of who was better, Ewing or Dwight Howard, Ewing would probably get 75% of the votes, but Dwight is much more of a force on both sides of the ball. I look at Kobe’s comment as a cant win comment even thouhgh I feel he’s correct. If track and field wasn’t a timed event, everybody would swear Jessee Owens or Carl Lewis would destroy Usain Bolt, but evidence proves Bolt is faster.

      • Game on says:

        you are crazy!

      • joe says:

        dwight isn’t on the team, dummy.

      • Corey says:

        You are EXACTLY correct.People always do side with the older player. I think the 2012 dream team would definitely give them a run fo the money and I even think they would win.

      • von says:

        true statement to all the fans of players only lol

      • Peter says:

        How about you actually WATCH a 1992 olympic game and then talk. You say guys have gotten bigger, stronger and faster. Did you ever actually see Karl Malone in his prime? The guy was a physical specimen.

        Also Patrick Ewing in his prime would destroy Dwight. Ewing had a complete offensive game with exceptional low post moves and was one of the greatest jump shooting centres of all time, yet his defense and rebounding was at least on par with what Dwight does today. Don’t even try to bring up Hakeem…

      • Peter says:

        The thing is, everybody today talks about guys like Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett winning games with sound fundamentals – always making the right play.

        Those guys in 1992 ALL played that way – Ewing, Robinson, Hakeem, Magic, Jordan, Bird, Malone, Stockton, Drexler, Barkley. Every one of those guys played the game with a level head and extreme IQ. There were no JaVale McGee’s in that group.

      • Victor says:

        It is amazing to see how dumb people are and how much worse it is getting. Put dwight in the 90’s and he would be great but he wouldnt even be top 5 in the center position. Shaq,Hakeem,Ewing,David Robinson, are all WAYYY WAYYYYYY WAYYYYYY better than dwight.. Dwight would get schooled everyday by all those guys. Also keeping in mind that Magic and John Stockon are better point guards than n e one today. JORDAN!#@#@? Hello … Karl malone (greatest powerforward)

        You guys wack lol

      • The Beard says:

        Michael Jordan in his prime(which he was in 92) could beat this years olympic team by himself. Add 11 hall of famers, add one of the greatest clutch shooters of all time(Bird), the greates point guards of all time(Magic and Stockton), high fliers like drexler and barkley who could beat blake in a slam dunk contest any day, two of the greatest centers of all time(robinson and ewing), THE greatest power forward of all time(Karl Malone) and a shut down defender on anybody(mullin) and you have a team that won by an average of 44 points, and never won by less than 32.

      • Kretu says:

        Hakeem isn’t in the ’92 Dream Team; he doesn’t even play for USA.

  6. this is funny says:

    i love his confidence but he’s going down!!!

  7. Ian says:

    It is not that he thinks he can actually beat Kobe, though he’ll wear the facade because of his ego as he should. The deal is that he cannot REALLY lose. Think about it. If he beats Kobe, he’ll be an instant legend. If he loses, then he’ll be recognized for having guts and receive respect for that; his fanfare will increase regardless of the outcome. I wonder if this situation is representative of a paradigm shift calling the phrase, ‘no pain, no gain’ into question. Perhaps.

  8. Johnny Blaze says:

    Haaa this is so funny… “you think you’re talking to a high school kid!” “YOU JUST CAME OUTTA HIGH SCHOOL KID!!!!!”

  9. sam says:

    How is that hilarious? have you not seen him play ball lol? Not saying he could beat or no beat him tho.

    • jeff says:

      to Nick Weber.. kyrie said to be ” give me a year” thats why kobe wont play this time.. but nice guts kyrie,, but 4xur u cant beat kobe..

    • Peter says:

      He’s a second year player – so far all he’s shown is that he can play one good season in the NBA. He’s proven nothing.

  10. Rome says:

    Kobe has guarded probably hundreds of guards, rookies, legends, and hall of famers. Though I give Kyrie Irving great credit for his abilities and pulling out Rookie of the year, to Kobe, he’s just another guard. Looks like the youngin gonna have to give 50k of that new moola of his haha

  11. Kfan says:

    Kyrie is gonna kill old man Kobe.
    Kobe cant keep up with Kyrie!

    • HeatH8r says:

      Kobe will destroy him. Who are you kidding?

      • von says:

        this guy must not watch basketball lol kobe is the mamba, thats like saying kevin johnson could take jordan lmao i think not!

    • Peter says:

      Have you watched the Lakers in the last few years? Have you not realised that everyone on that team is pretty much useless when it counts, and that in crunch time it’s basically Kobe vs the other team? Still the Lakers win most the time!

      So if Kobe can basically beat an entire team on his own, what’s to say some 6’2″ PG that’s barely out of college can even put up a fight? Kobe is still an elite defender, he’s got the size and strength advantage, and he’s got an infinately higher IQ. And that’s coming from a Boston fan – I can’t stand kobe!

  12. Raz Rah says:

    What would you want your franchise player to think? You never know until you lace em’ up. He already has the confidence and a 1 on 1 is much different than a team game. I stll would take Kobe because he can’t guard him. I admire that he won’t lay down for him.

  13. calina995 says:

    kyrie is doing the same thing kobe did to jordan when he was young.the thing is kobe is a much better player then kyrie aniday

  14. RgR says:

    Slow down Dr. Phil, mostly you want to play kobe 1 on 1 just for kicks, any ball player would love to play kobe 1 on 1 just to see how it goes, how you faired, and what is was like to go up against one of the greatest, whatever happens after, winning or losing, means nothing, just a huge bonus if you win

  15. Young man stand down. “have you ever seen a cha-wow-wow fight a pitbull?…me neither but it aint pretty”. You gotta crawl before you can walk. People have too much money now days, that they can just throw away after challenging the best player that ever lived (head to head with Mike).Irving must didnt see the game on Jan.22- Mr. 81.Stop being a bully Kobe, dont take that boy rattle.

  16. Jeeven says:

    Irving’s a boss.

    • Peter says:

      Actually he’s just yet another arrogant new age NBA player that things he’s gods gift.

      Lebron learned the hard way that it doesn’t matter how much talent you have – he spent the first x many years in his career being knocked off every year by older and less talented teams that simply know how to play – first the Spurs, the Celtics then the Mavs. This little punk will learn the same lesson.

      • The Beard says:

        That little punk who really did come out of high school( played two college games) did way better than kobe did his rookie season. This kid is going places kobe wont. My boy uncle drew!!!

  17. Vlad says:

    Being the nr one pick does not necessarily gives you big confidance. Playing like Kyrie did in his rookie season does.

    Of course, really really hard to bet Kobe

  18. Devil Doc says:

    Kobe should have not even entertain him. The kid has something to prove, Kobe does not!

  19. Sharma says:

    Kyrie will beat him just like the CAVS beat the LAKERS.

  20. tonax says:

    he can’t beat kobe….im not a fan of kobe….but were in the real world…kyrie have to eat a lot of rice to match up with kobe’s skills…..what he has right now ain’t enough to beat kobe……

  21. scott the magician says:

    Irving is fast but kobe is 6’7″ ande 225lbs
    he’ll just post him and get 11 lay ups if he has to.
    Irving is a fool!!! Lil man syndrom

  22. Yaaaaaa boy stinky ivery get em……

  23. Mike J says:

    Kyrie!!! Come on man! U tripping. You are talking to KOBE BRYANT!! You have no chance at all. U trying to get to where he is at.

  24. balldon'tcry says:

    looking at his body language Kobe looks shocked and scared and maybe a little upset that this young up and coming nba star is unafraid to challenge him to a one on one game of b ball. Irving on the other hand looks cool and confident and in control of the facts. just look at the way he seems so comfortable in his ability while Kobe seems to be losing control of his emotions with every second that goes by during their exchange…………and the winner is……………………Kyrie Irving!…………Irving is very crafty with the basketball and though he is shorter he will simply cross Kobe over out at the freethrow line then drive for a uncontested layup several times. remember Kobe is a volume shooter and depends on his jumper. if that fails him game over. Kobe is like 39 or something while Irving is maybe like 21. look what happened when Muhammed Ali age 38 decided to fight Larry Holmes age 30 for the heavyweight title….it was ugly and may have contributed to Ali getting Parkinson’s Disease. Kobe will blow out both knees trying to keep up with Kyrie Irving. sometimes you gotta know when to just say no Kobe.

    • troy says:

      stick to nba 2K12

    • KiDD says:

      Uhhh Kobe’s 33 dude. And Kyrie Irving is actually 20. Get your facts straight b4 making such claims. I’m a huge Kobe fan. But I also lives in New Jersey when Irving is from. So I have no bias here.

    • Jordan says:

      Wow…did you really just say kobe was 39??? He must be the best 39 year old to ever play haha. Kobe is 33 and Irving is 20. I think Irving is a great young talent, but beating kobe in 1-on-1 is a completely different story. Just cuz you go #1 don’t mean your a star (kwame brown comes to mind), also just cuz your the best player on the cavs does’t mean your good. Kyrie, you are good. Just not that good.

  25. Street says:

    1 on 1 is a different game. Just sayin’.

  26. K. Hates Fans says:

    Dude, Kobe is 33….Just stop. I can see that your a fan of his but he’s not able to stop Bryant. He knows the game entirely, Irving hasn’t even yet touched the surface of the NBA game.

  27. kal says:

    that’s cool, Irving is going down like the titanic… but why don’t we have a kobe vs lebron challenge while we at it

    • Peter says:

      Now this is a different story – that would be one hell of a matchup. Personally I think Lebron’s across-the-board physical advantage would make it very tough for Kobe to win…even if Kobe is a better offensive player.

  28. kyrie says:

    kyrie is beeing funny.. OMG! he cant win! lolssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.. kobe is not that old?

    thats the age when jordan still played before he left.
    jordan still played better than kobe that time. he still rocks..

  29. steve says:

    l000000000000000000000l cleveland vs l.a , kobe’s gonna keep kyrie in lockdown and go for 50 lmaoooooooooo. what have you donee mannnnnnnnnnnnnn lmaoooo.

  30. Eric Moore-Booker says:

    he should dress up as uncle drew to beat kobe lol

  31. Irving says:

    He’s the 1st pick. He’s the rookie of the year. He’s on a bad team. Most good players on bad teams get amazing numbers. He didn’t get that much. Don’t get me wrong, but it seems like he got to cocky even long before he deserves it. I’m not really a Kobe fan, but Irving’s trashtalk is way too much for his (yet unproven, too early to tell) talent or accomplishment(RoY… that’s about it)

    • The Beard says:

      How is he trash talkin!? All he did was challenge Kobe to a 1 on 1. Then Kobe got all offended that someone would dare challenge him. The one who did the trash talkin was Kobe. Kyrie stood there and laughed. Kyrie-1 Kobe-0

  32. Bullsboy says:

    Wow at least the kid got balls to go after kb24. atleast beat other guards before you go after kobe. there are still lots of them. or play more college ball. at least get some more experience before going for the big guys.

  33. O.M.G I know he didn’t do that. They need to start random drug testing because he’s obviously on some type of drugs.

  34. GR35 says:

    Unproven rookie shows no respect. Irving looks confident because he’s got nothing to lose. He has not proven anything yet. Kobe seems insulted. He’s got good reason. Iriving is a nobody and is challenging him.

    Just like a 200th ranked boxer trying to challenge a top 10 boxer. I think he should challenge “lesser” players first before he challenges the elites. shortcut shhhh.

  35. LOL says:

    Wow, one solid rookie year and he thinks he’s unstoppable. If he thinks he an elite player, why not try to match up again other marquee point guards such as Rondo, Rose, Westbrook, Paul and Williams?

  36. HeatKingsofEast says:

    ahahahahaha, good move kyrie, i bet he can’t do that to lebron. it proves that kobe has no defense, that’s why kyrie is confident he can beat him.

  37. Jaworski says:

    just remember this guys, Kyrie needs achievements before he ask for a 1 on 1. the only achievement he got is being no. 1 draft. He must think the comparison. He has no right to play Kobe unless he has an achievement Kobe got. Kyrie just want to be “talk of the town” style of player. Respect if you want to be respected.

    • The Beard says:

      No right to play kobe. must be against the law to challenge somebody 1 on 1. how dare he think he can beat Kobe. Bad Kyrie, Bad!!

  38. vince says:

    c’mon guys.. the guy just putting some confidence! don’t take it seriously. he knows that it is a pleasure or rather an unforgetable experience to play 1on1 with kobe. it’s just like a newbie that wants to play with his idol.

    • vince says:

      c’mon guys.. the guy just putting some confidence! don’t take it seriously. he knows that it is a pleasure or rather an unforgetable experience to play 1on1 with kobe. it’s just like a newbie that wants to play with his idol.

  39. Don sosaay says:

    gotta love the swag. some day the all-star weekend commision will wake up, like oh yeah, a 1 on 1 game would be WAY cooler than a point guard skills challenge

  40. bilal says:

    Hats of to Kyrie.A point guard should never play 1 on 1 ball.Thats just torcher.Respect the kid for backing himself up though.

  41. Andrew D says:

    I’d put my money on Irving…in a laugher.

  42. i.c says:

    what if kobe challenge lebron??of all the people why kyrie??hahahahaha

  43. Robert - Basketball Fan says:

    All Kyrie has to say is “best 3 out of 4 games” with 5 minutes rest between games and he will beat Kobe Bryant. Playing only 1 game and Kyrie will loose.

  44. alfonso paredes says:

    And when he is done playing Kobe, he may want to fight Anderson Silva right?

  45. Bucko says:

    Geez guys; it’s all a-bit of fun and for charity – good on both of them for doing this.

  46. ken says:

    wat does he think? he’s playing a video game? so funny. see how young he is challenging kobe for 50k. lol. so immature!!

  47. perimeter shooter says:

    this arrogant young cavalier needs to be tested. He dont deserve to be entertained by kb24.Irving is nothing but a cager not an elite star!

  48. getoverit says:

    Sad thing about Kobe’s comment of they can beat dream team-92, they might not even bring back the “GOLD”. Jordan, Magic and Bird will really be laughing then…LOL! incl. Me!

    • Jordan says:

      Not bring back the Gold? Did you see what they just did in their first game? Who do you think actually has a shot at stopping them?

  49. lol at kobe and kyrie says:

    lool whats respect got to do with it lol kyrie just wanna compete 1 on 1 with one of the greatest y’all should pipe down anyway sorry kyrie you just handed kobe easy 50 grand lool but kobe is too funny lol you just came out of high school kid you played 2 games in college loool

  50. LeBron got his ring says:

    lool cant wait to see the 1 on 1 kyrie do your best bro but im siding with a black mamba victory

  51. ontifex says:

    iam a anti kobe but this time im with him.

  52. burger says:

    Kyrie irving Ain’t scared, and Kyrie Irving just fractured his hand… ha

  53. Wayyne says:

    …..and then Kobe broke his hand….

  54. Wade Dwyane says:

    Kobe will win simply because he’s taller, a better shooter, post up player and can easily score that mid-range fade away shot. I can see him already backing down Kyrie all the way under the basket to lay up that well needed basket. And on defense…Kobe would stick him like white on rice he wouldn’t have time or space to breathe.

  55. ian says:

    I say he should challenge Russell Westbrook before he calls out Kobe, thats a better match up i think.

  56. Pipo says:

    SMH!!! Almost disrespectful to one of the TOP 10 players who ever played the game!!! How arrogant is that??? Bring your team to the playoff…then we will talk…dodo bird!!!

    • The Beard says:

      one of the TOP TEN?!?!?!? Laker fans are Hilarious. 1-Micheal Jordan 2-Wilt chamberlain 3-Larry Bird 4- Magic Johnson 5-Dr J 6-Kareem Abdul Jabbar 7-John Stockton 8-Karl Malone 9- Bill Russell 10-Oscar Robertson. Kobe will be lucky to get in the top 50.LMAO!!!

  57. Julius says:

    Let’s go Uncle Drew

  58. Tj says:

    Everybody wants attention. nuff’ said

  59. f_geni says:

    haha, actually Kobe sounded scared. He was so overreacting! Kyrie will win one on one vs. Kobe 8 times out of 10… Kobe can still beat him in the range game!

  60. Kobefan#24 says:

    LOL!!! Kobe would slaughter Kyrie Irving 11-00 not even trying his best! Kobe would just goof off to make Irving look good, and then make him look like a fool once Irving gets inside Kobe’s nerve. Kobe is the best of all time, no matter what anybody says, because that is a FACT, and just like Kobe says in the video, “that’s just the way it is.” PERIOD!

    • The Beard says:

      Kobe vs Michael Jordan(the real best player of all time). For any real basketball fans, we know who wins this one every time.

  61. Kobefan#24 says:

    And by the way too, you all talking about Lebron, Rose, Westbrook, and all those silly players that ain’t good as Kobe, lol at you! You ever see Lebron, Rose, or those others score 81 points?? Answer is, of course not! In this NBA generation, no one will ever score like Kobe, because that is a science proven fact on the boxscore. Kobe will always be a champ every NBA season, his team can’t win the NBA because his team mates don’t have much confidence and scoring abilities like Kobe does, they’re just there trying to be for show, but no matter what, I’m a Lakers fan. I can’t wait to watch the 2012-2013 NBA season, now that Lakers have Steve Nash, they’re definitely going to crush Oklahoma and Miami in the playoffs now. GO LAKERS!! Put that extra banner up that’s waiting to be hanged by the next banners! LJ, Wade, and Bosh ain’t going to have nothing now cause they lucked out with greed from losing to Dallas! I can feel LJ’s and Wade’s fear in their hearts all the way from up here in Alaska, and I can feel Kobe is going to kick butt like back in the day!! Let’s go LAKERS!!!

  62. Everybody knws dat Kobe will win

  63. carmeloose anthonaze says:

    hope its a friend thing, good spirit..
    but it reminds me when all the cowards who challenged agressivly jordan, mike tyson, or fedor, but taking care of doing that PAST their prime .
    No one wanted them when they were at the top.
    irving is young so he couldnt 1-1 kobe in his prime, im ok with that, but cmon. challenge chris paul or derrick rose ?
    easy at 20 past a few years to claiming : hey kobe i run faster than you.
    imagine in 15 years, a little retard nba star who cames at blake griffin saying : c’mon try to dunk on me blake ! im a killer shotblocker, c’mon 37 years old griffin !! im jump higher than you.”

  64. chris says:

    The question isn’t whos better.. we’re talking about Kobe.. But Two straight up ballers going at it 1 on 1 I’d usually say whoever gets first ball wins everytime.

    EXCEPT, Kobes got 4 inches on Irving. its 1 on 1 not team ball. Regardless of how talented Irving is how does he even get a shot up on Kobes D

  65. Rballer says:

    haha poor kid kyrie doesnt know who he is talking to if u dont respect greatness u wont get greatness

  66. JimmYL@N3 says:

    i like irvin win man kobe to old for that young blood

  67. kobe43fgpct says:

    kobe is overrated. he shot only 43% from the field this year, including the playoffs. i give irving a good chance.

  68. John says:

    It seems like Kobe would rather try to talk his way out of it than actually play.

  69. Kretu says:

    Instead of going into how Kyrie is going to get schooled by Kobe/beat Kobe, just take a chill pill! This was probably good-natured and any up-and-coming player like Irving would love to have a chance at playing 1-on-1 with a legend like Kobe. Besides they’re the ones ponying up the 50Gs to a charity (not any one of us here) so just relax and enjoy the show; enough with the “he doesn’t need to prove this/he hasn’t proven anything” this isn’t a feud like Isiah vs Michael for goodness sake.

  70. Jay says:

    Ok, Kobe is 1 of the greatest shooting guards in NBA history. BUT……I agree that Kyrie will win that 1 on 1. His game is way more advanced then Kobes.

  71. Kelvin says:

    I want to see what he does against kobe doe if he really deserve kobe respect

  72. william says:

    2012 team cant beat the 1992 its because “only” of the height advantage of the 1992 dream team… if team usa got dwight,present team can fight…and derrick rose and dwayne wade.. which the present team is more athletic and faster,,, but the height advantage of the old team makes them alot more winner… by 8points

  73. 80's and 90's forever says:

    I’m a big Kobe fan but saying he would slaughter Irving not so sure.
    One on one is totaly different from real games Kobe doesn’t have the speed no more he used to have
    meaning Irving is twice that fast , sure if the play winners ball and kobe ganno post up Irving game played but if the play losers ball…… woulden’t bet my money on it besides every game has to be played. peace from Belgium

  74. jake miller says:

    kobe would win 21-10

  75. Black Imba says:

    Hey, Irving ur milk is ready!

  76. jacelo says:

    Its gonna be more interesting if LeBron vs KObe….

  77. Hari says:

    Personally, I like Irving’s odds in this. I think Kobe will win, but I won’t be surprised if Irving does a number on him.

    But the main reason for my comment is because I would LOVE, and I repeat, LOOOVVVEEE to see a one-on-one show of King James and The Black Mumba! We all know that LBJ would come out victorious, but I need to see the look on Kobe’s smug face when it actually happens.

  78. legendkiller says:

    Kyrie- i know your trying to put Duke TV on the map, but your coach didn’t even comment…he knows!!! You think #24 is good, keep talking and you’ll wake… #8… AND WE ALL KNOW that is a worse fate.

  79. aaron ray says:

    How about a game to 15 5 3pts shot 5 layups and 5 mid range jumpers. Not all layups. Yes back in the day at half-time they would show one on one matchups between the players and sometime the more well known player would lose to the lesser known player

  80. LeBron got his ring says:

    LoL leBron aint that selfish to score 81 points and lets be honest if lebron tried to get 81 points it would be much more efficient than kobes 81 lets face it LeBron is the most efficient player in the nba in the last 6 years period

  81. Jpd says:

    That’s not confidence, thats swell-headedness, he’s d best player in a worst team…kobe is the best player (arguably) of all d nba right now…its a mismatch…more of a publicity stunt on the part of irving than anything else…

  82. vinax says:

    Hahahaha… i enjoyed reading all the comments! 🙂
    It’s more FUN in the NBA! 🙂 hehehe

  83. JoeFresh86 says:

    Even with the age difference, Kobe is very competitive. His EGO alone wouldnt let him lose.
    Not to mention his skill set.
    Kobe 11- 3

  84. kemoine says:

    Karl Malone the greatest power forward ever no hes num 3 Tim Duncan is num 1 then barkley 2 then malone at 3 and as far as Irving being a futher hall of famer lol he went to duke name me one great player in the nba ever to come from duke u guys know how duke guys do yea there hot in college but then in the pros they fissle out Jay williams, christian latener, elton brand, shelton williams, bobby hurley, jon shier, greg pualus, all the guys on there last championship team i could keep going the only players duke has worth mentioning is irving, grant hill, and deng, but the none of them are future hall of famers lol come now all duke players in the nba never become hall of famers they become average at best of role players

  85. kemoine says:

    I see everybody posts as far as one on one between the two prema madonnas im sorry i meant Kobe and lebron but lets be clear about somthing the one on one game is totally different then team bball just because someone beats and person in one on one it doesnt mean that there a better or greater player, now im not a fan of fake mike im sorry kobe but i think hes the best player in the world and im not a fan of lebrick lames i meant lebron but i think one on one lebron would beat kobe, but just because he can beat kobe that doesnt change the fact that kobe is the better player and the greatest player right now , case in point Mj lost to Pipen one on one so do u think Scottie Pipen is the best player of all time NOO u dont Mj lost to harlod miner aka baby jordan 3 to 0 so do u think harold miner better than mike NOOO one on one is two different games doenst prove anything all it proves is that one is a better one on one player and last i checked bball is a team sport.

  86. jigen says:

    small guy,very ambitious

  87. AzhaanEazy says:

    Fifty Grand Aint Nothin To A Boss! LOL..

  88. BlackMamba says:

    You guys aren’t getting the fact straight… Kyrie Irving is a fool. He shows no respect to one of the greatest players ever and he is under estimating kobe bryant. Kyrie got game, but comparing to Kobe Bryant? Kobe will eat him alive.. I hope this game really happens so the black mamba can do his thing