Zaza Pachulia Takes Classes At Harvard

by Micah Hart

The Hawks’ Zaza Pachulia has long been one of the NBA’s most engaged entrepreneurs outside of his basketball day job. While some athletes sadly end up in dire straits once their careers are over, Pachulia seems determined to set himself up for success once he finally hangs ’em up.

With that in mind, Zaza has spent parts of the last four offseasons taking executive business courses, for example at Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Business. This summer he stepped it up a notch, joining the future Zuckerbergs of the world at Harvard for a three-day business seminar, as he recently detailed for

I like to picture Zaza at Harvard, hanging out with the bad guys from Good Will Hunting, playing the enforcer and causing that scene to play out much differently than it did in the movie (slight language).

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  1. jake says:


  2. kylekorver says:

    63 participants, 30 from outside the US and 30 from inside the US. Where did the other 3 come from D:?

  3. donthaveone says:


  4. Business Fan says:

    It’s refreshing to see some athletes with interests in other fields beyond basketball other than Rap and hanging out at nightclubs and talking smack; something a lot of these current rap age music athletes do.

  5. Fefe (Nets) says:

    Zaza is awesome!!!!

    At least, he understood what life is about. 34, 35 years old and your basketball pro career is over. But you’re still young and got 50 years to live. So as an athlete, you should better get an education to manage your money. Zaza is following the right path!

    Work well at school, we’ll wait you this upcoming season on the court!