Rudy Fernandez Leads Lip Dub of Party Rock Anthem at Basketball Camp

by Micah Hart

Confession: I have an irrational affinity for Rudy Fernandez. I felt legitimate sadness when he announced he was headed back to play in Spain, and I still believe (much as I do for Marvin Williams, but more so) that given the right circumstances he could have blossomed into a very productive NBA player, if not an outright star.

This video of Fernandez leading his basketball camp in a lip dub of LMFAO‘s Party Rock Anthem isn’t making me like him any less, I’ll tell you that much:

My favorite part is the cameo by the hefty kid showering* at about the 1:20 mark with a “What on Earth is going on here?” look on his face as they pass him by.

*As anyone who went to camp knows, YOU MUST SHOWER OFF BEFORE ENTERING THE POOL!

Outside of practicing for this performance, the kids totally learned to play basketball at Rudy’s camp, right?


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  1. Spend more time trying to develop a post game Rudy! SMH. You should be working on something thats going to extend your NBA stay a bit longer.

  2. Victor Manoel says:

    Good stuff. I’m sad for Rudy, I was really looking forward to see him in action with the Nuggets again, he’s a good player =/

  3. txema says:

    This guy is such a clown, he gets on everybody’s nerves here in Spain, his antics on and off the court make us all feel ashamed, He is so posh he makes Victoria Beckham look like a trucker. BTW, the blonde by his side is his sister, also a pro player; she was once kicked out of the national team for being “too peculiar and difficult to live with” for the sake of the team.

  4. El Tajo says:

    Rudy lost his confidence when he got closed-lined by Trevor Ariza. Became a jump shoot.

  5. BullsFan says:

    Im sad for rudy too, I think he can be a very productive player, he have a great team play and work hard for steals, he was much more efficient when he attacked the rim but he become unidimensional a lot of times in offense because he is now a scaried player after ariza maked a hard foul to him, after that injury the problems in his backside never dissapear, and he try to never have contact, thats it.

  6. kush says:

    lol damn people lighten up! hes a person too just like us, doesnt need to work on basketball 24 hours a day