LeBron James Has A New ‘Unstoppable Move’

by Micah Hart

Add one new move to your offensive arsenal, that’s what every NBA superstar is supposed to do in the offseason if they want to stay ahead of the game.

LeBron James unveiled his newest weapon at Team USA practice yesterday, and ummm, yeah, good luck trying to defend this:

I don’t know if we’ll ever see LeBron pull this out in an actual game, but it’s nice to know that if and when he hangs ’em up, he’s got a career with the Harlem Globetrotters waiting for him.

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  1. Frank NAR says:

    First. Sweetness!!

  2. Jack says:

    lol,..this could be a hit if he does this in an actual game,..go bron

  3. HeatKingsofEast says:

    ahahahaha clearly the nba should be thankful and grateful that lebron is on their league. pure entertainment. ahahahah

  4. ComeAtMeBro says:

    Feels good to see the old Lebron have fun again!
    Like weight lifted off his shoulders!

    Also awesome to see Team USA united to be the best! Lebron, Durant and Kobe together having a good time. Then it’ll be serious mode when the NBA season starts again! Until then, WIN THAT GOLD!

  5. gh says:

    Rather a new way to travel, I mean he didn’t in this video, but it’s easy to lose your footing while shaking-baking like that πŸ˜›

    • js says:

      literally the first thing that came to me when I saw that. it would be so hard not to carry the ball and actually do that in 1 motion. its one thing goofing off, but with a defender (and probably a big one at that, so close to the rim) he’d have to adjust the ball when he swings it after the fake hook. doing that without taking an extra step would be tough

  6. lbj says:

    he should do that shot in real games

  7. erik rodriguez says:

    is that even legal ? lol

  8. alex. T says:

    Well good hook shot is already unstoppable, so i just call it show off

  9. Jeeven says:


  10. HailKing says:

    Even if he does not pull this out in an actual game he is already unstoppable. Hail king!

  11. Raymond says:

    When i see that move first thing that comes to mind is Divac defending..lol

  12. LOL……. LeBron would have a career with the Harlem Globetrotters? HAHA…
    I would like to see if wen the U.S is blowing a team out in their next exhibition game if LBJ will pull this move out as a joke to the guys….. That would be funny as heck..

  13. LOL… LeBron would have a future with the Harlem Globetrotters.. HAHA!!
    I hope that when the U.S plays their next exhibition game and they are blowing a team out; I hope LBJ pulls this move out as a joke…. It would be funny as heck!

  14. me says:

    finally lebron looks happy

  15. Deej says:

    He travelled…

  16. Mostafa says:

    he traveled

  17. TTKIN says:

    So The Dream Team was playing 5-5 as hard as they could, these guys r doing trick shots. Not that they need the practice cuz they wont lose this tournament, but considering headlines have been 1992 vs 2012 who would win. Well this just helps fuel the fire that 1992 is better haha.

  18. Shree Cherry says:

    This guy’s hilarious. Nonstop jokebox. πŸ™‚

  19. Raptors Fan says:

    Damn if King James added that to his NBA games or Olympic no one can guard him LOL

  20. Lebron Sucks says:

    i wasted 30s of my life that i will never get back

  21. radecki says:

    hmmm nice move!! with finesse, maybe in all-star game we will see this

  22. stef says:

    that’s nice
    I wonder what name will he give it

  23. Vishwa says:

    This is all a joke…

  24. Celticsman says:

    that is amazing

  25. John says:

    He’s already unguardable, if he can master this, which he can, He will be truly unstoppable

  26. John says:

    Why not Give it a try today against Great Britain

  27. real says:

    real creative!

  28. tapk says:

    Best player alive

  29. ThatNBAGuy says:

    That should be his new signature post up move. He could use that move in the clutch and win games and no more 4th quarter jokes about him. Not a big LeBron fan, but I just hate haters that don’t know how to hate properly.

  30. heatcelticswizards says:

    how bout editing the move into something u can do in a game. then ud be nasty with post moves

  31. Big Cain says:

    LOL, that’s a crazy looking move and shot. LOL

  32. aMz.Ph says:

    HAHAHA! Nice move!

  33. MJ says:

    Jordan saw this 3 hours ago and he’s still laughing ….

  34. john patrick says:

    ahaha funny move by the mvp!! πŸ™‚ but i ithink its useful haha old skul! πŸ˜€

  35. BFF says:

    The good thing about this video is you’ll see kevin durant and james harden sharing smiles with Lebron, meaning they dont care what the outside noise talking about how they shouldnt be friends with Lebron. this is the beauty of basketbal. media sucks.

    • goheat says:

      basketball is a game and they’re all millionaires, they should be friends i wouldn’t want any broke freinds who always begging

  36. bob says:

    Thats actually very creative! It works because you are still on the same pivot foot

  37. SG says:

    He’s just clowning around. Let the kid have fun πŸ™‚

  38. mike says:

    I hate to say it, but it’s traveling allright. On every attempt.

  39. ryan says:

    Guys ….nobody noticed it’s a walk……as he was turning the first time, he fixed his right feet, then moved this feet and then stopped to fake and then released the ball…don’t you think guys this is a walk…correct me if I am wrong

    • Ray says:

      Nothing new he travels on about 60% of his drives in the lane, its funny how manny “guys” are on his nutts, he is the best player in the world but really, theres no need to bend over for him, show some pride

    • dhughes636 says:

      If 2 steps is traveling then every player in the nba travels on every possession you are allowed 2 and a half according to the latest nba rules sorry but math wins here not traveling.

  40. chandler says:

    kinda looks like a cariie

  41. Filament says:

    It’s hard not to be happy for Lebron. He looks genuinely stoked to be playing the game. I’m so happy that he finally got that ridiculous and unwarranted monkey off his back. There’s no dying this dude is the best the NBA has to offer. I hope he plays another 10 years, even if it means that my team (Chicago) won’t have a very easy time winning the championship.

    • Thadon10 says:

      now thats the remark a true fan of the game makes. Who would not want all the best in the world not to succeed and have fun playing a kids game. This guy LBJ has endured a lot over the past few years; more than some of these others who have actually done something wrong (raping women, cheating on their wives and hitting their mothers).i really do hope people will finally raise up off that guy and let him just play ball.

  42. percy says:

    that’s a horse game move . . .that will never happen in a real game . . .he needs to get a post up fade away like mj and kobe then he’ll be unstoppable . . .those guys get buckets anytime but posting up then fading away . . .unblockable shot . . .i don’t know y lebron has not gotten perfected that shot especially after working with olajuwan . . .his fade away is still very inconsistent

  43. Lucas Esandi says:

    I’d love if he tried it on the court!

  44. Timmy says:

    66%! Looks promising πŸ™‚ Cant stop laughing

  45. bruno says:

    crazy move but just for fun, no luck doing that in a playoff game πŸ˜€

  46. Jayjoe14 says:

    LOL combination of Hakeem’s Dream Shake + Kareem’s Skyhook!

  47. The Decision says:


  48. Killah says:

    omfg..i’m a hater but i can’t stop laughing at this hahahaha xD

  49. stan says:

    very nice trick move, but its a 20 percent shot at best.

  50. jacky says:

    wow!!!!!!!! nobody cant beat that at all. its the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in all history

  51. Karbonero says:

    Amazing skills! Sure Prediction: Next year, championship will be in hands of Miami, Lakers, Clippers or OKC!

  52. joe says:

    kobe is the best player alive he can beat lebron. kobe is unstoppable

    • joe says:

      lebron stinks kobe is the king of basketball

    • c says:

      Do you go to sleep with your denial under your pillow?

    • NoName says:

      Kobe isn’t the best player alive unless he kills Lebron and Durant.

    • dude says:

      Yep a real Jordan wannabe……..drops 81 points against the worst defense in the nba and wants to be traded after a couple of bad seasons, a real role model and someone kids should look up to XD keep dreaming if you think kobe is better than lebron

    • Ran06 says:

      Hey! Jordan is still alive!

    • Kobano says:

      kobe still sucks!

      • Shree Cherry says:

        Kobe, LeBron, Durant, and Jordan are powertowers. These towers are so tall that anybody standing at the base has to look way up just to see the middle. So on what basis does one of us decide that (s)he is able to see which tower is taller? Let’s just shake hands and marvel at the greatness of each of these players without making comparisons that we don’t qualify to make.

    • Shree Cherry says:

      Why do you feel that one of the two is better than the other?

  53. Michael says:

    The author of this article must be extremely bored when he wrote this article. This move is never going to be attempted in an Nba game.

  54. Rekemania says:

    anyone can do that in practice, just spin twice and hook it, it would not be practical in a real game and that was a pretty lucky hit as well

  55. Vin says:

    KD and harden dont look like they were enjoying it as much as Lebron was.

    • Shree Cherry says:

      Hahaha! Neither KD, Harden, nor anybody else is likely to be gleaming at the thought of Bron doing this to them in an playoff series.

  56. jordan kasenda says:

    very nice the king lebron james, the number one, the champion

  57. dmac says:

    damn i cant stop laughing… and some guys here are too serious!! come on get a life haters!

    • Shree Cherry says:

      Spot on. Bron is probably just having fun on the court — something that he does ALL, THE, TIME. We should draw inspiration from this man’s jovial nature.

  58. Paul Hickey says:

    Thats just plain stupid…It wouldn’t work in a game so why bother everyone with this nonsense…

  59. Paul Hickey says:

    STUPID!!!! Need I say more…

    • Shree Cherry says:

      Nothing is new or stupid about this. LBJ joked around at practice. This blogger shared the joy of watching LeBron relax and have fun with the game that he loves. The blogger felt jokingly sorry for defenders who have to face one of LeBron’s countless ridiculously savvy moves. Does any of this come across as abnormal?

    • Sick says:

      Paul Hickey is the STUPID one.. lol

  60. Jason says:

    It’s very stoppable. He’s bringing the ball down in between his waist and where the defender would be. Easy steal if timed right.

  61. Mahmoud says:

    do it against a sucky team like the kings this year, or the bobcats

  62. @KingJames says:

    Let’s Go you wan2 see me do that in a game ill do it on the first game of the regular season!

  63. BQ says:

    He’d get stripped if he ever tried that in a game.

  64. slingshot25 says:

    Basketball is SO entertaining bcoz of you.. πŸ˜€

  65. trueballer4life says:


  66. trueballer4life says:


  67. Bucci says:


  68. Kobe says:


  69. 2012 >1992 if says:

    Dwight and Rose were there instead of Westbrook and James Harden
    also if Blake griffen wasn’t injured.

    PG:Williams, Paul,Rose
    SF:LeBron, Carmelo
    C:Dwight, Chandler

  70. sikasa says:

    LOL! I died laughing to this!I bet hes gonna try it!

  71. Ben says:

    @stan – 2/3 aint bad for a ‘20% move at best’.

    What I really love about this video is the fact he is fooling around with Durant, I mean its nice to see these guys who are such enemies in day to day life have the chance to come together and celebrate their skill as a group.

  72. USA-GOLD says:

    Can you imagine NBA without Lebron these days. The guy is fun to watch! As far as his new trick a good shot blocker that isn’t IBAKA(lol) will patiently wait for Lebron ceremony then block it.

  73. Ed says:

    Lebron traveled

  74. xinKO says:

    by the time lbj career is over he is going to be known as the best nba player ever YUP BETTER THEN JORDAN is time everybody stops hateing on DA KING

    • non bandwagoner says:

      Compare stat sheets between MJ and Lebron. Nobody will be better than Jordan.

      • Stat sheet, really? says:

        Really? How about Magic Johnson and other greats like Wilt… go Basketball Reference and check who’s at the top spot now…

        Stat sheets… seriously?

  75. coltonrowe says:

    thats not a travel his left foot was his pivot foot and no where does his left foot come up after planting it after his spin move

  76. LBJ#1 says:

    the guy who wrote this thinks LBJ is serious πŸ™‚ just read what he wrote.. lol
    but the move is kind of cool

  77. Henrik says:

    Some of the people commenting, who really think this is a good move. Have you ever really watched a basketball game? Literally EVERY basketball player can defend this. Just follow every basketball players instincts and slap the ball out of his hands when he does the “fake”? Seriously guys I am disappointed about by you “basketball fans”

  78. jers says:

    hahaha pls enjoy the show

  79. MichaelJBethancourt says:

    Oh good grief!!! This is such a non-story. Guys do crazy shots like that in shootarounds all the time, it’s not a big deal. Quit it with the acolytic hero-worship already, it’s dumb. I’m just a little old white guy and I can make that shot, it’s just a wrong-foot left hook preceded by a pump-fake with the right hand, it’s not that hard. He doesn’t travel, which is amazing considering who it is; he doesn’t change his pivot-foot on the shot, and you’re allowed one free foot and one pivot foot, and consequentially you don’t get good legs under that kind of shot, it’s something to throw up when getting fouled, and we’ve seen that shot thousands of times in thousands of NBA games over the decades, only without the attendant hype. Besides not traveling (for probably the first time in his life), what does impress me is that it’s probably the first time I have EVER seen LeBron make a shot with his left hand: another thing most of us rec-center ballers can do better than LeBron.

  80. Billy the Kid says:

    Lebron is the King, Durant is the ambitious stable boy. Durant should just thank his lucky stars that he gets the privilage to play with the King. The kid could learn something if he would just stop burying his head in his mother’s neck and crying after losing games. Show em who’s boss Lebron!!

  81. Billy the Kid says:

    @MichaelJBethancourt, REALLY????? Never seen Lebron shoot left????? His left hand is his strong hand genius!!! Lebron is left handed just in case your confused. Kick rocks sucker, and take that Haterade with you…

    • MichaelJBethancourt says:

      Thanks for proving that you don’t know what you are talking about. LeBron does not shoot with his left hand, he shoots right-handed.


      • DWad3 says:

        @MichaelJBethancourt – LeBron is actually left-handed naturally, but was taught to shoot right-handed, much like some guy named Larry Bird. And me, too

      • Krasno says:

        I’m a right handed guy but used to shoot with my left. Don’t know why. It just was natural from the beginning. There are a lot of people who for some purposes use their other hand.

      • js says:

        the way I see it is, if you’re naturally a right handed person, you’re going to have certain motion habits that could affect a pure shooting form. however if he focus on using your left, which your not used to, there more room for developing because you havent formed any habits with that hand

  82. markangelo says:

    Kd cant believe about that shot he was amaze and he cant even copy that move, LOL that move is only for the greatest!
    haters will try it and copy that move

  83. MARK says:

    lebron james is good heheheh

  84. nlc says:

    OMG! that moved is not for basketball. that would be deadly if there is no travelling violation in basketball. come on people, if lebron will do that move in Olympics, the referee will not hesitate to blow his whistle for travelling violation. maybe he can do that in nba where superstars have immunity of their rules…

  85. Jkilpatrick says:

    Yet another Travel step move the NBA will eventually sanction. Rafer Alston can come back now the NBA is all street ball.

  86. cisco26 says:

    hey LbJ its lefty but shoots with the right just as well than left this move was great Kd could copy he did it so fast he change the ball from one hand to the other as he brings it down and made a hook shot just a trick shot quit hating if you hate the man don’t look his videos just be aware to read his legend when its all set and done everyone its going to love mark my words

  87. Kevin says:


  88. rosario says:

    lebron is the king and he always be .we love from hialeah

  89. karolisjachimavicius says:

    Good one. Everybody should shoot more with their left, the game would be much more dynamic and interesting.

  90. Fan from Singapore says:

    Unstoppable move indeed!

  91. LALfan says:

    Revealing the ball, this move is easy to stop by stripping the ball.

    • js says:

      more often than not he’d lose the ball. its a nice move, but every head coach cringes watching that. maybe crunch time, last second shot hes got an iso and knows he can get away with it. but Spo would never let him waste/lose a possession by trying an antic like that and turning it over. if you’re that close to the rim he should finish in the paint every time

  92. BIG MEECH!!! says:

    lol he need to quit playing

  93. Alfredo says:

    shot is tooo easy

  94. Dirk41 says:

    I dont know about this but I just dont like lebron. Im not a hater, I surely appreciate his talent, i know he has this God given gift that makes him a great player but the man has no heart whatsoever, he has no clutch gene in him. He has been celebrated too much by the league way before he has proven himself to be one of the greats. Jumping up D Wades wagon was a sign that he is a coward, He has no heart and enough got to face all the criticisms he had in Cleveland. Great players like Bird and Jordan, they always find a way to respond to those criticisms, they’re greatness outshine those people who tried to destroy them and doubted them. But Lebron is never like Bird or Jordan, he obviously gave up in Cleveland.
    I just dont think OKC did enough defense to stop the Heat. I believe the Heat’s victory wasnt primarily because of Lebron’s great plays but because of the OKC’s inability to make it happen on the defensive end. And also Durant should consistently fight through the defense in order to get the ball. The ball should be in the hands of KD down the stretch, he’s the real unstoppable, the guy is just a flat out scorer. As great as Westbrook is, I just dont think he has enough maturity on him. I even sense that He’s competing with Durant. Basketball is a team game, and every player should know their respective role. Westbrook should recognize that KD is their best player and should pay attention about the shot clock and should not give that foul when shot clock is winding down.

  95. dhughes636 says:

    Wow the haters out there make me laugh calling lebron fans bandwaggoners pointing out traveling in this video (when there isn’t any) bringing up mj, magic, and bird when there is no relevance to this video for them or at any time when lebron is discussed. you all make me sick love the guy for how good he is and enjoy it while it lasts or shut up get a life and go jerk off to an old kobe highlight reel when he was still the best 6 years ago

  96. bigp543 says:

    i really hope he uses this during a game.at least during olympic exabition.

  97. Nate says:

    Is this for REAL? You have nothing else to report on but this? Seriously!!! I thought you were going to show videos of LBJ actually improving more on his post moves or something… but instead we get this….. sad.

  98. schowitzki says:

    Not to take anything away from LeBron, the Move actually looks nice but nothing new, i mean spin move, right hand fake, left hand hook should be in every centers repertoire, sadly it isnt nowadays…

    Actually that move looks harder than it is….

    btw no travelling at all he could actually set the right foot again before he shoots it (left foot pivot..) would actually stabilize him before he shoots it which would make the move even easier than it is …

    But in the end, looks like hes having fun, not a big LeBron fan at all, but i actually disliked the treatment of him last season, partly his own fault but didnt like it at all …

    btw would be a bigger fan if he would come along with the same kind of work ethic like for example Dirk or Kobe, i think than it would be legit to compare him to Jordan (given his talent and physical abilitys)

    Greets from Germany

  99. The first shot was smooth.

  100. Dinys says:

    The stars always on out, I LOVE YOU James

  101. mavsfannnn says:

    Im pretty sure its travel cause he switches his pivot foot. But honestly who cares sexy trick shot=)

  102. ricky says:


  103. Hook Shot says:

    One day the post up hook shot game will be back! and it will rule the NBA ONCE AGAIN!!!

    till then watch 42/48 minutes of pick and roll basketball…. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  104. Jec says:

    how about sending the Globetrotters to the Olympics? is that possible? that would be really fun.

  105. bruce says:


  106. nbafan says:

    i find it so funny how many haters on this forum rite now..you guys are working 24/7. Hes joking around and having fun but you guys take it so seriously. are you that sad with your own life that you have to spread hate every time you see someone else having fun???? your pathetic go USA !!!

  107. Jake says:

    LeBums real unstoppable move was 2 summers ago, when he moved to south beach and then piggy backed his way to a title this year on the shoulders of 2 other guys who could easily be the #1 option on any other team. But that’s LeBron for you. How does he go about proving his dominance? Star cluster-f’s his way to a title. Last I checked, MJ never needed as much talent as this guy needed around him to get a title. Thunder is KD+Westbrook and a few other solid players, Heat needs 3 guys that could be regular season MVP’s. But such is the way of the league these days.

  108. BasedonStats says:

    He was joking.. He’s just having fun. Jump off. Goodness sakes.

  109. Lithuana almost deafet USA says:

    the worst DREAM TEAM ever!!! 5pt lead???? Jordan’s Dream team always won with 30-40pts lead… Where’s Lebron and Kobe??? I think Russia and Argentina can defeat USA.. 😦

  110. Lithuana almost defeat USA says:

    the worst DREAM TEAM ever!!! 5pt lead???? Jordan’s Dream team always won with 30-40pts lead… Where’s Lebron and Kobe??? I think Russia and Argentina can defeat USA.. 😦