Wanna see the Blake Face? It’ll Cost You

by Micah Hart

You may recall Chris Paul‘s son went viral back during the NBA Playoffs with his famous Blake Griffin impression.

Chris Jr. has become something of a celebrity ever since, and with his talents increasingly in demand, Papa Paul was required to teach his youngster his first lesson in economics — there is no such thing as a free lunch:

Get paid, young fella.

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  1. Andy says:

    If Deron Williams is broke then i’m screwed..

  2. BIG MEECH!!! says:

    lol that CP3’s kid goofy AF

  3. Matula says:

    LeBron and Melo chillin in the back

  4. JG says:

    Slightly off topic… but does he get a traffic ticket for having an infant with his seatbelt unbuckled? haha

  5. mr basketball genius says:

    He looks like a good kid priceless!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. ReaperChief says:

    Harden bearding on the seat behind CP3.

  7. Amon says:

    Kevin Durant is playing doodle jump in the background

  8. lebron james is the best player in the world!!!! but this video is hecka funny

  9. 123 says:

    Harden playing Doodle Jump in the back.

  10. dani says:

    cris paul is a good paps

  11. dani says:

    usa is gonna own

  12. lilsi says:

    glad to see there are good dads out there. Much respect CP3

  13. Wonder could he do the Blake flop?

  14. I wonder if he could do the Blake flop?

  15. That’s great they had a great bond. He may not remember this 10 years from now when his father is no longer in the NBA. But he can always look back at clips like this with the evolution of social media and the internet period.

  16. Eleazar says:

    Not with that $100 million contract you aint broke

  17. dunno says:

    still hard to like d will anymore since he resigned with brooklyn 😦

  18. Johnny Johnson says:

    Why aren’t they seated beside each other or together? Do they hate each other?

    • jacob2815 says:

      Because why stuff yourselves all together? Thats 12 people on a bus with probably 30 seats. Why squish together? Clearly youve never been on a sports team of any kind in your life.

  19. jill says:

    Wow funny video