Sorry Brooklyn, Spike Lee Sticks With Knicks

by Micah Hart

When the Knicks infamously declined to match the Rockets’ offer for Jeremy Lin, bringing the Linsanity era in New York City to a screeching halt, many began to wonder if residents of the Big Apple had finally had enough of the team’s bumbling ways and would consider jumping ship to root for the Nets. After all, Brooklyn is the trendy spot, Jay-Z is a part owner, and they’ve shown a similar ability to throw gaudy contracts at players without blinking an eyelash.

One person we won’t see making that trade any time soon, despite his Brooklyn heritage, is Knicks’ superfan Spike Lee.

In an interview with the New York Times this weekend, Lee discussed whether he’d considered the change, and made his position crystal clear:

“I wish I had a dollar for every time people ask me that — I could finance another film,” he says. “No, no and no. Can’t do that. Can’t.

“I am orange and blue, baby,” he says in reference to the colors of the Knicks. “Orange and blue.”

Though Lee has set many of his best films in his native borough, including his upcoming release “Red Hook Summer”, he maintains his allegiance to the Knicks, even with the firestorm set off by Lin’s departure. And though he maintains his loyalty, Lee made clear he’s not happy with the team’s prolonged lack of success either:

“Look, I hope Carmelo Anthony saw LeBron holding that championship trophy. Amar’e’s my man. But I’m tired of looking up at those old championship banners.

“No lollygagging, no half-stepping, no shenanigans, no tomfoolery. Got to get serious, got to.”

Lee’s loyalty is impressive, especially considering the vitriol being directed towards the Knicks’ ownership and management team over the summer. But if the Knicks continue to fall short of expectations while seeing their new neighbors achieve success in Brooklyn, you have to wonder if Spike is doing the right thing.

[Spike Lee to Stick With His Knicks]

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  1. billcollector1999 says:

    spike lee would rather be a pacers fan before BK

    sorry BK shoulda stayed in jersey, NYKnicks own NYC..

    • R U Crazy says:

      stay in jersey? read my name there was nothing by the old stadium i got free tickets all the time for anything because the nets was trash it was time for change roster and marketing seriously they couldnt have made a better choice spike could be a knicks fan all he want the knicks lose no matter who they get their cursed seriously when’s the last time they made it to the finals plus there has been plenty of time they had a good team but went no where plus this very year the nets broke a record for most games missed among their players from injuries so no really knows how well last season would have went but we do know next will be better for them

      • lakers says:

        well seattle, st. louis, san diego are empty. why not go there?

      • james says:

        use punctuation much?

      • leeroy says:

        Knicks made the finals in 1999? Sure they havnt been back since, but neither have the rockets, grizzlies, bulls, bobcats, raptors, wolves, blazers, hornets, warriors, nuggets, kings, jazz, bucks, clippers, hawks, wizards or suns.

  2. Shawn says:

    OK… i was ok with this article until the last few lines… What Success has the nets have in BK? they haven’t even played an exhibition game there yet… And who are you to question another person loyalty? I respect Spike for his loyalty and wish him the best with his new film,,

  3. Carter says:

    The Brooklyn Clippers

    • Jae Williams says:

      To say the Brooklyn Clippers is a joke. The Clippers have always been a lil brother to Lakers because the Lakers have won and the clippers always sucked. The fact is The Nets have been a much better team “this century” than the Knicks. The Nets were in the finals twice in the last 10 years or so. The Knicks set all time records for playoff losing streaks…when they even made the playoffs. The Knicks have been trash for a long time…they were just entertainment during the Ewing years for Jordans’ bulls. Brooklyn will have an easy time taking over the city…geez..if they win 2 games in the playoffs…they will have out done what the Knicks have done in about a decade! Knicks have had a monopoly of NY basketball, so many just sticked with the hometown team…Now people have a choice…its all over for those guys…Brooklyn Nets!

  4. Dew12 says:

    Brooklyn have already had success by resigning Williams, Lopez and Wallace, while also bringing in Joe Johnson. They are bound to have a winning season due to the only other teams worth anything out east being the Heat, Pacers and Boston. The article is simply stating the …what if…the Nets have success and the Knicks do not. What would that mean for New York basketball fans. I am sure many will be both fans of both teams being from almost the same city. Would make for a good rivalry also. Looking forward to seeing the Knicks and Brooklyn matched up this year. I am sure Spike will live and die a blue and orange fan regardless of any Nets success.

  5. Bob Stuppard says:

    Silly question….never.gonna.happen…..ever

  6. REAL Shawn says:

    Brooklyn or not, I’m glad this guy isn’t a Nets fan and vows he never will be. The Knicks have experienced nothing but disappointment since Spike began pacing the Garden sidelines in his “orange and blue” robes. Please keep all of that misfortune in Manhattan with the Knicks. The Nets are looking for a fresh start with one of the greatest backcourts in the NBA today and they don’t need a loud mouthed cheerleader drawing even more negative attention than they’ve already garnered because of the whole Dwight Howard Indecision debacle. The Nets and Knicks are wrapped up in a rivalry that’s decades old and has decades more of closely matched games. As a true fan of the NBA, let’s just hope the Nets don’t DOMINATE the Knicks like they did in all of the 2000s (27-13 from 2000-2010, 31-13 if you include the Nets’ sweep of the Knicks in the first round of the 2004 Playoffs)

  7. Jim says:

    Spike Lee is Hinting for a major roster upgrade so the knicks can win a championship

    The knicks need a star point guard or shooting guard.

    The best move knicks did was not to sign Lin due to his lack of strength and scoring abilities, did not deserve a max contract.

    Knicks now have some tradable pieces including Amare Studimire, Felton, Tyson Chandler to aquire players like Rudy Gay, Chris Paul, Dwight Howard, stephen Curry, Tyrke Evans