Jeremy Lin Skypes With Child Distraught Over Knicks’ Departure

by Micah Hart

A little background: continuing the trend of videotaping youngsters being heartbroken over the departure of their favorite athletes, a Knicks fan captured his five-year old bursting into tears after learning that Jeremy Lin would not be returning to the team.

As it turns out, Lin has access to the internet, found out about the video, and decided to try to cheer the youngster up via Skype:

A lot of people want to blame the Knicks for Lin’s departure, but obviously Lin had to know by signing an offer sheet with another team that leaving New York would be a possibility. Still, its easy to mend some fences with unprompted acts of kindness like the video above.

Something tells me Naim is going to be kicking himself someday for clamming up in the face of his idol, but then again, by the time he’s six he’ll have probably moved on to Kreayshawn or something like that.

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  1. tikkanen10 says:

    You can’t blame Lin for signing Houston’s offer sheet when the Knicks didn’t make an offer and TOLD him to go out and get an offer to “set his market value”.

    • Eric says:

      “A lot of people want to blame the Knicks for Lin’s departure, but obviously Lin had to know by signing an offer sheet with another team that leaving New York would be a possibility.”

      The Knicks ensured, by not making an offer to Lin except for the qualifying offer, that Lin signing an offer sheet with another team would be a certainty. The Knicks made clear to the world that they would match any offer to Lin, then didn’t. Can Lin be blamed for not accepting the 1 year, 1 million dollar salary offer to guarantee he’d return to the Knicks? Not in any reasonable way.

  2. Shalott369 says:

    Lin preferred to stay in New York, not only because he loved NY fans, but also because both his brothers study in New York and he is very close to them. He had ample reason to want to stay in New York. If the Knicks had made Lin a fair offer when the free agency started, even if it was not as lucrative as the Rockets’ offer, Lin very likely would have chosen the Knicks over any other team.

    The problem is that the Knicks never gave Lin a contract at all. Lin’s agents asked the Knicks for an offer, yet the Knicks told Lin to test the market and set his own market value, claiming that they would match ANY offer. The Knicks repeatedly said that resigning Lin was their priority. However, in reality they neither gave him a contract, nor matched the only offer he got. The Knicks were not true to their words.

  3. cpcheung says:

    Not only Knciks never offered a contract to Lin, but also Knicks kept signing other PGs. If you get only one offer, would you sign it right away? How can you blame Lin not to stay at New York? In any case, Lin has no negative reactions even if he is wrongly accused.

  4. supernav says:

    You can not blame Jeremy Lin going to Rocket. This was the only offer he had. Knick never gave him an offer.

    Knick has made numerous smoky promise, but you can not count on someone’s promise unless it is in print.

  5. Mel Gibson says:

    “obviously Lin had to know by signing an offer sheet with another team that leaving New York would be a possibility”

    He HAD to sign that offer sheet. He only had one offer to consider. The Knicks refused to offer anything, trying to play it cheap. A 4-year $20 million contract would’ve kept Lin in New York. Instead, as tikkanen10 pointed out, this move by the NYK backfired on them. The only other option Lin had left was to not sign the offer sheet and hope the New York Knicks didn’t offer him a 1-year non-guaranteed league minimum contract. You actually expect anyone to do THAT?

  6. Brian says:

    Why do you feel the need to post these stupid “distraught child” videos? These children aren’t old enough to trund understand sports, so all you’re doing is encouraging their stupid parents to publish these moronic videos.

  7. Brian says:

    Excuse the typo, “truly” understand sports…

  8. Bam Bam says:

    Jeremy Lin was playing in the NBA and sleeping on a mates couch because he couldn’t afford anywhere else. He did not make this decision souly for money, but I doubt anyone would blame him if he did. Wish nothing but the best for this kid hope he can keep his form.

  9. dysraw1 says:

    hope this guy runs for president one day

  10. DeBrosh says:

    All last season we were told how smart Jeremy Lin is, then the Knicks expect him to be STUPID when dealing with his contract? there is something to be said for loyalty, but please………

  11. natefilewood says:

    Good on him for doing this… how many other players would do that without the press nearby to capture the moment?

  12. David says:

    I’m a die-hard Knicks fan but if I was in Jeremy Lin’s position, I would have probably done the same thing.. Knicks management was really hoping to keep Lin for a cheap price. And you know what..Rockets gave the Knicks the poison pill..Knicks decided to not take the pill and lose Lin the process.