Kyrie Irving Loves Musicals, Proves It With Duet Of Summer Nights

by Micah Hart

Kyrie Irving is dangerously close to becoming my favorite young player (though I don’t know what that’s a danger to him, I’m fairly harmless) in the NBA. Between his starring turn as Uncle Drew and his complete lack of fear in challenging Kobe Bryant during Team USA training camp, he’s really showing he’s a dude to be reckoned with off the court as well as on. The kid has tremendous confidence in himself, a fact I learned last year when he admitted to David Aldridge before last year’s draft that he was a fan of musicals, which is not something your garden-variety macho NBA player is prone to copping to.

Irving’s love of musical theater is not a secret, as it turns out, and he was put to the test in an interview this week on The Alan Cox Show when he broke into a duet of “Summer Nights” from the musical Grease:

Is Irving going to be a contestant on The Voice anytime soon? I doubt it. But after a tentative start, he starts to get into it over the last half of the rendition. Again, lotta guys probably don’t commit right there, so gotta give him props. Of course, Summer Nights is a pretty easy tune. You really wanna impress me, Kyrie? Let’s see you tackle The Very Model of a Modern Major-General.

H/T SportsGrid

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  1. bball says:

    Kyrie is a BEAST!

  2. Cmon says:

    Seriously?! Start the season sooner to make up for last year’s lockout. especially if the articles on are going to be like this from now on.

  3. bob says:

    Kyrie was better than the girl!