Jason Terry Is Pushing His Luck With The Whole Championship Trophy Tattoos

by Micah Hart

Remember two seasons ago, when we found out Jason Terry got a Larry O’Brien trophy tattooed on his bicep at the start of the Mavericks’ title-winning campaign? That was amazing. Like once-in-a-lifetime amazing, especially considering the general consensus on the Mavs’ title chances at the beginning of the year.

Apparently Terry has decided to double down on tattoo-related predictions, as the new member of the Boston Celtics tweeted this new addition to his arsenal of ink:

I love the confidence, JET, you know I do, but you saw the Lakers’ recent trade, right? You’re going to need the luck o’ the Irish and the luck o’ the Dwight Howard recurring back injury to pull this one off.

H/T @jasonterry31

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  1. John says:

    LOL WOW! Those dudes aren’t even a top 4 team in the east if you ask me. You’ve got Miami, Brooklyn, Chi, NYK, Indiana and maybe even the Sixers ahead of them.

    • Drew says:

      Miami – Truth
      Chi – nothing without Rose
      BK – Meh
      NYK – Meh
      Indiana – Have to agree
      Sixers – No way

      Point is, they’re are definitely a top 4. You gotta at least give them that.

    • Drew says:

      Miami – Truth
      Chi – nothing without Rose
      BK – Meh
      NYK – Meh
      Indiana – Have to agree
      Sixers – No way

      Point is, they’re are definitely a top 4. You gotta at least give them that.

    • Dee says:

      Wow. I want what he is smoking. Hes basically a wash with Ray Allen being gone. Confidence man..You gotta love it..This dude is on one. just sayn

      • me says:

        Lol you naysayers wouldn’t find this funny after they win the champioonships next year, Terry knows what he’s doing. Lakers might have D Howard, but peep this Nash vs Rondo is not a contest cos Rondo will kill him, D Howard might not be fully recovered to play best defense by that time or he might turn out to be worse than they expected or Boston’s defense will go up a notch or two. Anyway just cos Lakers got D howard does nto guarantee a win, Celtics will defeat em.

      • Laker Nation says:

        Welcome to the Lakers Dwight!

        Pg: Steve Nash

        Sg: Kobe Bryant

        Sf: Metta World Peace

        Pf: Pau Gasol

        C: Dwight Howard

        Bench: Steve Blake, Jordan Hill, Antawn Jamison, Chris Duhon, and Jodie Meeks

        2012-2013 NBA CHAMPIONS #BeatTheHEAT

    • malz says:

      the celts are easily a top 4 team in the east lol

    • me says:

      so Knicks are better than Boston? wow must eb a hockey fan oh and Nets? really? if they’re so greta how come they didn’t even make finals next year? heck even Orlando is BETTER than them with / without D Howard

    • Redowl says:

      You dare doubt the Celtics after they just went 7 games against Miami for the Eastern Conference championship WITH a wounded roster??? Your forgetting , this is a veteran team, they don’t need home court to win in the Playoffs…..

      Miami- Still the champs

      Chicago- Destroyed in Free agency + Derrick Rose Injury

      Knicks- Just got Older, no chemistry , good luck J-Kidd and Felton

      Indiana- Was 3rd best last year, and just picked up 2 bigs to back Hibbert- dont sleep on em ( lance stephenson )

      76ers- Probably 4th or 5th in the east- Loaded at the wings + a great coach… May pull out 3rd depending on injuries

      Brooklyne- Joe Johnson is overpaid and overrated- Dissapears in games. Derron Williams- Doesn’t dominate in the playoffs.
      two deers in the headlights during the playoffs. Humpheries is the Key

    • Lola Farinloye says:

      It is disappointing and it hurts when people who call themselves “basketball fans” dismiss the Celtics as not being “a top 4 team in the East”, it almost smirks of ignorance. Since the arrival of KG in Beantown, only Miami has better Playoff Credentials in the East. Hate the Celtics if you will but don’t go leaving comments like a basketball neophyte. What is more Jason Terry has the right to believe.

  2. Rich says:

    Um, the Lakers recent trade? How about the Celtics not even making it to the Finals because they don’t stand a chance against Miami with the #1 and #8 3 point shooters of all time now being on the team?

    • celticpride24 says:

      hey, if you remember that boston pushed to the game 7!!! But now they don’t stand a chance? You should rethink your stradegy. if howard gets hurt at all, there gos there championship hopes!!!

    • jjj says:

      uhhh you do realize that with pretty much everyone but KG and Rondo injured in some way, shape, or form, the Celtics still brought the Heat to 7 games. Now even though they lost Allen (but it can be easily agrued that Jason Terry is as good if not better than Ray at this point in time) they’ve also added Courtney Lee and Jason Terry, and brought back Jeff Green and Chris Wilcox. All I have to say is good luck to Miami. I am also fairly certain that the Celtics could beat the Lakers. Howard isn’t that great an upgrade from Bynum, Rondo is better than Nash in every way right now, the only problem is being able to effectively guard Kobe and Howard, but i still think the Celtics would outscore them

  3. neal says:

    love the commitment. everyone thinks the lakers have it, but i beg to differ. CELTICS FOR LIFE!

  4. Connor says:

    The Boston Celtics will surprise again, like they do every year. We had a great off-season that no one is writing about. The Celtics will win their 18th NBA Championship in 2013.

  5. bball says:

    The Celtics are a top 4 team.
    NYK, Sixers, and Chi ( no Rose) arent better than the Celtics.

  6. JohnisWrong says:

    lol John u are so wrong…

    Miami is the only team that is CLEARLY ahead of BOSTON…. NY is trash, CHI is probably gonna be better but we have to wait and see, Sixers will be good but not better than boston, BRKLYN will be good but how good… who knows??

    Im calling a 4 seed for the celtics… maybe 3

    Anyway… u know the Cs are always better than there Seed because they emphasize rest and performance in the PLAYOFFS > regular season performance

    Until the Cs suck in the playoffs… u can count them out.

    Year 1- Championship
    Year 2- Lost East Conf Semis (Championship #2 with healthy Garnett)
    Year 3- Nba Finals
    Year 4- Lost East Conf Semis
    Year 5- Lost East Conf Finals

    The Cs have upgraded their roster since last year and have 3 key guys returning from injury… I say the Atlantic Division still belongs to the Cs… BRKLYN, PHILLY, NY will be 2,3,4

  7. yeah right says:

    lol. then terry would be traded on the next deadlin

  8. Avante says:

    Miami NYK Indiana and the 76ers are deff better then the celtics but the reason why celtics will be top 4 because of chemistry and knowledge but they have to find a way to beat miami and nyk now cause Amare and Tyson gonna be with the Akeem the dream then you got melo and J kidd together and a decent bench knicks can be scary if they click fast enough.

  9. celtics fan says:

    terry is superstitious but i have no problem with that. we are the second best team in the east to the heat record wise.
    but when the playoffs come around we are going to suprice alot of people

  10. me says:

    You know, Terry is onto something. That’s why I like this dude, he goes all out when it comes to the game and his mission is to win by any means necessary. I bet that Tattoo will serve as a reminder of his goal.

  11. Essence Prince says:

    Boston always takes Miami to a game 7. So they are a top 3 or 2 in the East

  12. Sean says:

    Lakers have not done anything yet they got knocked out of the second round while the celtics dragged their self into the ECF. so they made some great trades. they are NOT at OKC’s level until they can knock em out of the playoffs. end of story.

    • lakers24 12 says:

      the lakeshow will prevail not better than okc pfffffttt please man lakers starting lineup steve nash,kobe,mwp,gasol, and d howard bench-jamison,hill,meeks,and we on barbosas heels…we got the next two BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Celts fan 4 life says:

    Celtics r gonna be the #2 seed and this is why.
    Knicks( No chemistry)
    76ers( Bynum 2 immature)
    Bulls( No rose for most of the season)
    Brooklyn( not really that good they are simply overrarted)

    I really think if the celts were healthy they could have beaten miami last year. And if they can be healthy at playoff time this year i think they have shot of winning the nba championship.

  14. They really have to get tougher on the teams substance abuse policy.

  15. Go Celtics says:

    Celtics are 2nd or 3rd the only true team that can beat them is miami

  16. DrewIsWrong says:


  17. Wait a minute says:

    Didn’t Boston lead Miami in the regular season series 3-1? and wasn’t Miami losing to Boston in the playoff series 3-2? while they had an injured roster and missing Starting shooting gaurd Avery Bradley and Big men Jeff Green & Chris Wilcox, With the new draft picks and the return of many Celtics, The Celtics will be better than last year because KG,Pierce & Rondo will have much rest than last year because last year, they were averaging outrageous playoff windows and Rondo once had played a whole game in the series against Miami. Plus the Lakers are not deep, They just consist of 5 stars plus their bench is weak compared to the Celtics bench and Bench production is important. I’m not saying that the Celtics are winning it all, but I personally think The Celtics will be the team to beat in the East. You have to remember, The Year the Mavs one, Wade had injured Rondo on purpose while Shaq was injured to. You see the Heat beat the Knicks 4-1 and the Pacers 4-2 but they knew that had to work for it with the Celtics. A Healthy Celtics = Championship contenders.

  18. Christopher James Roberto Jabbar says:

    I think its gonna be repeat of 2010 Celtics vs Lakers for the finals

  19. jp south beach says:

    i like the respect y’all got for my miami heat now. losers

  20. Green Town says:

    Boston will meet the heat in finals again. Thia match up will be crazy as last year. Boston has too much heart man, NY, nets, pacers aint ready yet. Terry is the same guy that killed the heat 2 years ago, and now he just has the same motivation with boston.

  21. Jake says:


  22. People are clueless says:

    Wow. You’re missing a part of your brain if you’re counting the C’s out. If it wasn’t for Miami, the Celtics would have the East, no doubt. They can make a push at the title vs. Lakers too, I think that’d be even more fun to watch than Heat/Lakers. Nash will constantly get destroyed by rondo. Pau is not that tough to guard, just don’t give him too much space and keep him off the offensive boards. KG is one of the best matchups for Dwight. KG’s a veteran big who’s gotten great at the center position. Though we all know sometimes, no one can stop Dwight. That’s okay, just play Hack-a-Dwight, but not too much with key players. The question is, will Jet be able to guard Kobe? Ray Allen did a tremendous job on Kobe when the met, especially for a non-defensive specialist.

    As for their offense, no prob.

  23. C'SFAN says:

    Terry’s new tat + the scal in the booth = ring for beantown

  24. Desperate to have the championship trophy, not bad! But i am very sorry, Miami Heat got it. Better luck next time!^^,