Russell Westbrook, James Harden, and Carmelo Anthony in Funny Commercials

by Micah Hart

Healthy debate going around the office today as to which of these two Foot Locker spots is better.

First up, Russell Westbrook and James Harden illustrate the many uses of tearaway clothing:

Next, Carmelo Anthony finds a way to enjoy all his sneakers at the same time:

Side note — Can you imagine how many Joe Johnsons Joe Johnson would have to hire to wear all his shoes?

So which is your favorite? I’m leaning towards the Westbrook/Harden joint myself (Harden’s deadpan look kills me every time), but I can still be swayed by opposing arguments.

H/T ESPN Playbook

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  1. vick says:

    micah hart u have to apologize to 5 melos now

  2. Puck yuu says:

    If u had dwight and d wade on the 2012 team instead of chandler and harden they could beat the dream team easily!

    • caliking831 says:

      what about chris bosh as well he was hurt and derrick rose, i think blake griffin and anthony davis or russell wouldnt have made it with those 4 healthy. not a heat fan but he’s got game as well.

  3. Ishaan says:

    That is a sick shirt that JH is wearing. Anyone know where i can get one. Don’t tell me already tried

  4. lbj says:

    Heat should employ Stang Vang Gundy and allen iverson and stephon mabury to solve their point guard issues

  5. fadi says:

    the first one was hilarious…look at james hardens eyes when he got mustard on it the second time haha

  6. p diddy says:

    They should have topped it off with the Fohawk!

  7. westBEarden says:

    I am rooting for the Westbrook-Harden Tear-Away. Just awesome play 🙂

  8. sirsparhawk says:

    ROFL those cracked me up. Ahhhh Im very immature.

  9. ray says:

    harden and russel are not good enough to have their own sneekers…

  10. me says:

    melo’s was funnier to me. “Melo 5 doesn’t look anything liek you.”… “apologize..”

  11. nba fan says:

    the first one is too funny

  12. Chains says:

    Sawggie melo 5 haha ;D got to love them .

  13. Miguel Melo says:

    James Harden should be nominated for a NBA OSCAR ROBERTSON, for his acting skills

  14. Ladytee says:

    Melo’s commercial is better. “Apologize to Melo 5” – Melo looks so serious.

  15. lakersalltheway says:

    hahahahahaha……..james harden and russell westbrook are hilarious…………….melo 5, here i come…….and my mwlo 5 isnt white…he is asian

  16. K jo says:

    I would like to thank Blake Griffin for giving athletes the I can’t act so I’m going to pretend like I’m bad acting on purpose. We used to just get plan old bad acting out of these guys. And yeah Melo’s was funnier no question. Harden and Westbrooke would likely win though because it would turn into a popularity contest just like all nba voting is.

  17. charles072316 says:

    both commercials are the first one though.that’s a tear away beard for you.

  18. cool kncks fan says:

    Both commercials were HILARIOUS. As a Knicks fan, I like Melo’s better.