Charles Barkley Sings Karaoke With Boyz II Men

by Micah Hart

This is not the first time we offer video evidence of Charles Barkley singing karaoke. We can only pray it won’t be the last.

Here is Chuck hammering Boyz II Men’s classic hit “End of the Road,” with a surprise twist:

As to why Boyz II Men showed up to rescue Sir Charles, I have two thoughts:

1) They were in Raleigh, NC, to participate in the Jimmy V Celebrity Golf Classic, like Charles, or

2) They were scattered around the United States, but the pull of Charles destroying their timeless classic* was so strong they dropped what they were doing and hurtled at the speed of light to rescue their precious material from certain death.

*Timeless at least to anyone who was in 8th grade when the song was released.

Either scenario seems plausible to me.

H/T HoopsHype

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    • leo says:

      BoyzIIMen ,the #1 record selling R&B group of all time, are still together and touring with a new albulm right now.They were, in fact, there for the golf event. Chuck has always been a big fan, but there was nothing they could do to save their song. His singing and golf swing are pretty similar: TURRRIBBLE!!!!

  2. Carolyn says:

    Even tho I was FAR from an 8th Grader when this song came out, my Husband sat here laughing at me as I sang along with the crowd to help Charles out…
    Yeah, he was butchering that song and I pray no one asks him to sing anything else EVER again! However, I would almost KILL to see them do this on Sports Center’s First Take!

  3. Bojeezy says:

    I can’t wait to see them live at the L.A. Fair. I didn’t think they would still be performing together after all these years.