LeBron James Gets Curious For Khan Academy

by Micah Hart

If you are not familiar with The Khan Academy, it’s an educational website founded by Salman Khan, a Harvard and MIT-trained educator, that offers people the opportunity to “learn almost anything for free.”

LeBron James, through his LeBron James Family Foundation, recently partnered with the website for a little series called “LeBron Asks“, which tackles a number of educational topics as seen through the lens of basketball.

Here’s an example, using consecutive free throws made to teach a little math and statistics:

I gotta say, this is pretty cool. The videos are entertaining and informative, and this one in particular makes me want to go work on my free-throw shooting for a few hours to improve the roughly 0.001% chance I have of making 10 straight.

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  2. dattebayo says:

    That has got to be Kobe’s worst nightmare: 1 million Lebron James’s 😀

  3. greatvid says:

    I know no one will care, but…
    percent.. although the use of ‘cent-ury’ and ‘cent-s’ was a great explanation

    the term ‘percent’ can actually be split into two words… those being ‘per’ and ‘cent’.. which are french terms for
    ‘per’ = by… and ‘cent’.. being 100.. (in french the number 100, is called cent).. a bit more easier to understand than saying ‘century = 100 something’


    • da french guy says:

      per is no french word. The word for “by” is “par” but well the explanation is almost true so thumbs up to you.

  4. da french guy says:

    By the way percent un french is translated “pourcent”.

  5. Jeeven says:

    Sal Khan is the man.

  6. Whatjusthappened says:

    Wow taht must mean i have a 1 percent chance at makin ten free throws in a row. and did any one notice the James’s number is 6 and he has a 6 percent chance at makin 10 free throws in a row

    • Rik says:

      It’s too bad you can’t have a number between the 0 and the 1 because that’s the percentage for me making 4 free throws in a row.

  7. Karlo Garcia says:

    I just c that video as numbers & stats.At the end of the day u got 2 make your free throws on the court!

  8. chiefchamp says:

    this is barely above grade school math. how insulting.

  9. I Sky says:

    I would make a longer comment, but I have free throws to shoot!!!!!!

  10. me says:

    adding FT’s and LBJ to it doesn’t really change much, I guarantee that those students who didn’t understand it before still wouldn’t do so now, regardless. Maths takes some time and practice and that’s what they need to do…..

  11. Neeraj says:

    That would make you about a 50% free throw shooter, Mr. Hart : )

  12. Dale Cooper says:

    Really puts Dirk’s freethrow streak from a couple seasons back into perspective.

  13. Kingie says:

    I made 10 freethrows in a row at training on Sunday 🙂

  14. Math King says:

    Actually, this is not true.

    It would be true if the freethrows could be considered as independant, but since you are shooting them in a row, we all know we adapt based on the previous ones, therefore the events are not independent and the actual percentage should be a bit higher.

    Anyway, it’s great to see him do sg for education purposes, even if it’s really basic high school stuff

  15. jr says:

    Websites such as Khan Academy or MathTV.com are great learning alternatives for students trying to take advantage of self-paced learning.