Kris Humphries Can Laugh At Himself, Ok If You Do Too

by Micah Hart

It’s been a year of ups and downs for Nets forward Kris Humphries. On the negative side, he became a bit of a national punchline after his ill-fated romance(?) with Kim Kardashian and their corresponding reality TV show. On the positive, he signed a two-year, $24-million dollar contract to stay with the Nets as they moved to Brooklyn. We’ll call it a push.

Humphries appears to have accepted the turn of events in his life, and certainly hasn’t shrunk from the spotlight. Here he is participating in a photo shoot for a recent NY Post feature story:

Said Humphries of the past year’s turmoil:

“Hey, if you can’t laugh at yourself, you can’t make fun of other people,” he says. “I’m open to being made fun of. You can’t take life too seriously or be too sensitive because it’s like, who wants to live like that?”

That’s very true. And though it’s easy to tease Humphries for the outfits he’s wearing for this feature, something tells me the presence of his co-workers for the shoot made the whole process a little more tolerable.

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  1. dean says:

    Glad the nets picked him up again. I have a lot of respect after watching the nets games last year, he got booed at almost every away game for the first half of the year. Non the less he still played hard and made a positive impact on the team. With added pressure for the team to do well this year I would expect him to have another break out year. 14 points 10 rebounds, 0.8 blocks a game.

  2. Humphries Admirer says:

    Kris Humphries is a stunning man who deserves every success and all happiness that comes his way.
    He is appealingly human and has, hopefully, learned from his mistakes.

    The man certainly makes anything he wears look good !

  3. Karlo Garcia says:

    Last year i don’t get why he got booed last year when all the time it wasn’t he’s fault! Some boos were neccessary & some were not!

  4. kimnye says:

    nobody cares abouit him anymore , kanye got the best out of him

  5. NBAfan says:

    K. Hump is definitely a very nice PF to round out your starting five. Does the dirty work and works hard and has some skills to show off when called upon. Him and David Lee are really good PFs who’s not going to demand to be the star of the team, so you can put them in a team with 2 other “stars” that will demand the ball just so they can be effective.

  6. David says:

    Much respect for humphries he played hard while being disrespected by others, thats something not everyone can do getting boo-ed nonstop but still averaged great numbers something to prove.

  7. H34T 2013 says:

    Why laugh at his outfit in this picture? Is it a crime to dress up in America?