Dallas, You Sure You Brought Enough Guys?

by Micah Hart

This is a screenshot from the Mavericks news conference this afternoon to introduce all of their new players for the upcoming season. Man. That’s a lot of bodies.

I’m going to recommend that they wear names on the fronts of their jerseys as well for the first several weeks, just to help all the new guys get to know each other. Maybe do a few ice-breakers, like Two Truths and a Lie or that thing where you pass around a roll of toilet paper without telling anyone why and then make people say something about themselves for each ply they took.

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  1. the more the merrier…. right?

  2. dattebayo says:

    Everything is bigger in Texas. That what they always like to say right 🙂

  3. caloyski says:

    Dallas could win the crown again

  4. caloyski says:

    they will surprise a lot of basketball pundits with their 8 additional players

  5. caloyski says:

    In the same manner they won the 2011 crown– they had a very unpridictable line up