Joey Dorsey Fulfills Every Dunker’s Dream

by Micah Hart

If you asked me, on the spot, to name the players across the globe most likely to shatter a backboard, Joey Dorsey would easily be in the top five*.

*Off the top of my head, the list would probably go:

1) Dwight Howard
2) Blake Griffin
3) Joey Dorsey
4) Quincy Acy
5) Josh Smith

Wouldn’t you know that’s exactly what he gone and did?

I mean, look at that guy’s shoulders. Ay-ay-aye, indeed.


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  1. ko0kiE says:

    lol he shut the place down.. game finished after that play, 2 minutes before the end

  2. Erik says:

    Just for the record, pre-season friendly in Italy.

  3. Kithiero says:

    Love to see a former Raptor throwin’ down abroad. A little tribute to Chocolate Thunder, or as they say in Greece, σοκολάτα Κεραυνός

  4. Rel says:

    Where’s Shaq on this list? -_-