Suns (Literally) Change Their On-Court Product For 2012-13 Season

By Jeff Case

Eight seasons. Two MVPs. Many deep playoff runs. The joy that Steve Nash brought to Phoenix for so many years came to an abrupt halt this summer when he was re-signed and then traded to the rival Lakers in one of the offseason’s most jarring roster moves. All that will be left for Suns fans are memories of Nash speeding up the US Airways Center court, dashing past that familiar “PHX” basketball logo at midcourt to set up for another exciting, up-tempo offensive set.

A completely fresh coat of paint has been applied to the Suns’ roster for 2012-13. Along with Nash, Grant Hill, Robin Lopez and Hakim Warrick, to name a few, have been shipped out. So it may not be surprising, as reveals [below], that the US Airways court itself will have a whole new look next season.

Other franchises have undergone similar court/jersey changes around the time a franchise player skipped town. The most notable may be the Cavs in the post-LeBron James era. (Remember, they played on this court and in these unis during the LeBron heyday … and now they’ve gone to this court and these unis).


  1. two says:

    Damn that video was bad. Whoever made it should be fired.

  2. James says:

    They should get some new uniforms too.

  3. RPG says:

    I’ve seen the new court in person, it’s very sexy, some of the paint has a flat look to it instead of a glossy look, in particular the “Phoenix” and the orange boxes, they really “pop”. Also the SUNS in the middle is an ambigram.