Dwight Howard visits Ellen and dances to tell about it

by Zettler Clay IV

Outside of preparing to help the Black Mamba to a sixth ring establish his mark in Lakerland, Dwight Howard took time to visit Ellen DeGeneres Thursday to give his best *Kobe impersonation, discuss Finding Nemo and dish on the reason he smiles so much.

Oh yeah, he also danced. A lot.

*It appears Kobe — who visited Ellen a day later — is more concerned with Howard’s on-court impression than off-court impression.


  1. Kobefan says:

    Cool kobe! :). Goodluck this upcoming season…

  2. K jo says:

    Kobe is allowed to be this close to white women still?

  3. Alessio says:

    2013 Nba Champions babe!

  4. Boere says:

    Kobe can’t hack it on his own but I wish the Lakers the vs. the Heat.

    • Jamie S says:

      I’m usually cool with just reading a blog, until someone utter something ridiculas and I’m like wow, I really didn’t want to blast anybody today. Anyway, Noone ever won anything by themselves. All you can be alone, is maybe entertaining. So see you down the road Heat fan!