In Case You Forgot, LeBron Has Skills

by Zettler Clay IV

If there is any doubt about what makes No. 6 in Miami truly special on the court, another recent YouTube compilation drives home the point: LeBron James can really, really, really pass. Wherever you stand on the ‘Bron fence, this video is kinda undeniable:

H/T ProBasketballTalk.


  1. Dee says:

    yo, this the homie Zettler from ga state?

  2. Sean says:

    That’s it! Lebron is better than Jordan. He may not be a better winner but, skill for skill, Lebron’s got my vote.

  3. celtic533 says:

    Sean, Lebron ain’t better than Jordan.How many times ave you see Lebron gettin 50 point games. I think he did it 3 time in his career.Now i didn’t watch jordan but ive seen enough about him to say that he probably got 50 3 times a season.How many times have you seen Lebron do things like the shot or lead his team to 72 wins or score 60 something points the game coming back from an injury.Only Heat Fans say things like that.Its pathetic!

    • carlos says:

      stupid celtic fan we are talking who is the best player not who can score more basketball game its not just about the points….think before posting something with no fundaments whatsoerever.
      yes nobady can score like m.j. but the rest of his game campared to lebron’s games ……10 to 1 lebron is wat much beeter than jordan

    • DouglasFunny says:

      why compare the two? different eras, different positions…. jordan can do stuff that lebron cant and lebron can do stuff that jordan cant. enough said.

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