New Look In Rip City

Not to be outdone by their Northwest Division rivals in Denver, the Portland Trail Blazers took to the interwebs to reveal their latest alternate jersey, today, too. The new outfits, according to the Blazers’ news release, mark Portland’s first jersey update since 2002-03.

Much like the Nuggets’ third-color alternates, the Blazers took one of their colors (in this case, red) and went wild with it. Portland will wear these duds for their home opener on Oct. 31 against the Lakers. There’s a photo gallery here, but you get the idea of the new look below:

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  1. LA4LIFE says:

    I gotta say, those are some slick uni’s right there. Nice job not OVER DESIGNING it. Overall, great job.

  2. MavTown says:

    Not really digging these, reminds me of some sort of dance team unifiorms with ribbons wrapped around them!

  3. johndoe says:

    is that the younger brother of Kevin Love?

  4. InYoFAce99 says:

    Who are those dudes? I was a huge blazers fan two seasons ago and none of those dudes look at all familiar.

  5. Mustafa says:

    Nice uniforms. It looks great

  6. live14????? says:


  7. HeatNation says:

    Does anyone know who those three players are?

  8. TheRoseGarden says:

    Damian Lillard, Meyers Leonard, and Somebody else.