Trampoline artist puts Blake Griffin to shame

by Zettler Clay IV

Amidst the hoopla of Dirk returning to his hometown for Dallas’ first preseason game, a guy at halftime decided to end the speculation of the world’s best dunker once and for all:

Of course, the guy had help. No matter. The world record for longest dunk is his. Now, I fully await the day when Blake Griffin finds a way to stuff the roundball from halfcourt. Don’t doubt it. He did this. And these. Along with these.

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  1. david says:

    Is this not longer…?

  2. Karlo Garcia says:

    Till this day Blake is still the BEST DUNKER!

  3. bazounijuice says:

    MJ did it from further without the trampoline and with two monstars weighing him down. Can’t say I’m impressed.

  4. Floridian says:

    I was expecting to watch something for real to put Griffin to shame..:) Funny!

  5. Joel says:

    JJ Hickson is a better dunker then Griffin… if you think he is good for smacking people in the face before dunking go ahead… Griffin is a great dunker but he has got to stop that…. JJ will posterize you without using his arm to clear you out

    his slam dunk contest dunks were bad and he still won because it was a popularity contest and because it looked good to jump over the front of a car? it may have looked good but i think most NBA players could have done that

    You will see a beast in JJ this year if he does what he did at the end of last year when he got picked up by Portland
    I cant wait to see what he does against the Clippers… if someone dunks on the team he will dunk on that player within a few plays and it will be nasty without an offensive foul

    trampoline dunk from the 3pt line… I was expecting further

    • Remy says:

      Are you stupid? Blake Griffin is the best dunker in the league JJ is not a great dunker there are so many more dunkers in front of him. Blake is the only dunker i know that can dunk from a pick nd roll with out taking a step to the basket. your bugging about JJ lol

    • BGmadeJoelcry says:

      You must not know a lot about the NBA rules. Supposedly the most “obvious” offensive fouls by BG were on Pau Gasol, in the same game. The NBA reviewed that game and confirmed that the putback was not a foul and that Gasol fouled Griffin on the second dunk.

      Maybe people should stop jumping into Griffin and maybe people should stop swatting his face instead of the ball (he’s just that high up). If defenders today understood verticality, they would not be making these silly fouls in many of Griffin’s highlights.

  6. TMF says:

    Shouldn’t he lose style points for that landing?!? Also, I can’t wait until the day we get to seen an NBA Team celebrate like that (hold hands and take a bow)!! Blake should try this during the 2013 dunk contest (hand holding celebration and all)