Jarrett Jack gets a load of Steve Nash as a Laker

by Zettler Clay IV

Who’s ready for some good ole Lakers Pacific Division basketball? How about this as a trailer, starring roundball wizard Steve Nash and capable, veteran point guard Jarrett Jack:

Season tip-off is less than a month away, folks.

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  1. Triples says:

    Must I really watch two 30 second commercials for one 10 second clip? You NBA folks are greedy.

  2. Dionte Christmas says:

    Oh my heavens!

  3. White Mamba says:

    After watching this…. Heat and Thunder is now screwed O_o

  4. chenzhen says:

    all u laker fans get used to seeing this more often than ever before…media talks so much how nash cant play defense or guard bigger guards..ok well those same guards will have to guard steve nash also and trust me they all will have difficult times because not only they’re gng to get screen punishment by the “bigs” which will be torment through out the whole game and if they go under screen, then nash will make them pay big time ! prime example of that is on jarret jack…

  5. Karlo Garcia says:

    Steve looks comfortable.

  6. ankle insurance says:


  7. heavz says:

    This is stupid this was a random loss of balance cause he anticipated wrong…Nash done noth but have the ball in hand here…

  8. Angelo says:

    for me it was nash was the biggest addition to the lakers..

  9. Angelo says:

    For me it was Steve Nash is the biggest addition to the lakers..

  10. ALLEN IVERSON says:

    hahaha CROSSOVER by STEVE , awsome !

  11. castor says:

    heard jerret’s ankle pop even im on mute 😛

  12. NotTooShabbY says:

    RIP Jarrett Jack.. LMFAO!! wow!!

  13. dice8up says:

    That was totally wicked!

  14. NBAfanRUs says:

    One of the best shooters to ever step on the court
    And His Bball IQ backs it up well
    Just a recipe for a disaster

  15. bu says:

    Nash is still a great PG on offensive end, though not sure how he fares in penetration at this age & esp when playoffs come….. not to mention he’s never been known for his defense….. I do hope he wins a ring somehow, somewhere, sometime soon. Go Steve!

  16. ball boy says:

    look at pau’s left foot…

  17. Hal says:

    Nice teamwork between Steve and Jarrett. They are a great combo.

  18. cheer up guys and have will in ur heart u will make it……(y)