Dwyane Wade Shares His Pre-Game Playlist

by Zettler Clay IV

Opening night is three nights away, with the first game to feature the defending champions Miami Heat against the Boston Celtics. Many players do different things to get their minds right to go out in front of thousands of screaming fans, loud speakers and perform superhuman athletic feats.

Dwyane Wade gives us a glimpse of the music in the Heat’s locker room — and his headphones — as he preps for a game:

2 Chainz. Jay-Z. Kanye. Coldplay. Common. John Mayer. Solid playlist, nothing to add there.

But umm, a haircut on the basketball court? I’m pretty sure a basketball purist just kicked over a table.

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  1. DWADE 3 says:

    LECRAE come on dwyane

    • Armando says:

      reason why i like miami is the basketball is so fun to waclhuntike spurs, lakers, etc who mostly uses textbook skills even though they workmiamis plays are so exciting to watch never get tired especially dwade