Perfect Strangers — In Toronto?

By Jeff Case

In the world of college football, a fan on an LSU message board known as LSUFreek made a name for himself by perfecting the art of college football-themed animated GIFs. Yahoo! Sports did a great feature on LSUFreek (aka Terrance Donnels) and his backstory, but we’re not here to talk college football.

What we are here to do is bring to your attention to someone who took a little of LSUFreek’s style, added an NBA wrinkle to it and used a 1980s sitcom for good measure, too.

Observe the work of one “TURBOZONE” on YouTube and his hilarious-yet-fitting tribute to the Toronto Raptors’ international frontcourt of Jonas Valanciunas and Andrea Bargnani getting the Perfect Strangers treatment:

Hard to say what we like most about this video: the pasted-on faces and reactions of Jonas and Bargs, that Slovenian former Raptors big man Primoz Brezec is listed as a co-star or the whole LSUFreek-ish style of it all. At any rate, we hope this gave you the kind of good laugh it gave us today.

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